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February 27, 2010

Tarot Lesson: The Fool

If you would like to do this Lesson along with me you may. Just print out this worksheet that Ive gotten from this website and its pretty self explanatory.

The Fool
Major Arcana

First Impression:
  • Happy,Carefree,
  • Not Caring about anything that's going on. 
  • Caught up in his own world. 
  • Dog seems to be warning him but he isn't listening.

Card Imagery:
  • Young Guy walking.Dog jumping on guy. 
  • Sun is bright. 
  • Moutines with snow peaks.
  • Guy walking close to cliffs.

  • Walking/Heading toward trouble
  • Caught up in his own Mind
  • Being to Lose not looking ahead
  • Free,To much freedom

  • Leaving Issues behind
  • New things
  • leap of faith
  • taking risks
  • Innocense
  • Not knowning

  • Walking into Trouble
  • Not using his head
  • Carelessness
  • immaturity
A new beginning is about t start anything that happened before will be the past and to start taking a chance at certain things and have alittle faith.

My Tarot Journal/Lessons Saturday

Saturday February 27 2010

Planetary Spread

Im Feeling defensive and hard headed and Not tolerating anyone, not letting lose a little with the kids and Jorge.Feeling Down and Sad about things not going my way instead of worrying about my feelings instead of worrying about those around me. (Defensive:stubborn). Letting Go of my issues that I have and not holding onto feelings that are bad for me. I need To Stop holding onto guilt feeling bad because of the way Ive been treating others around me. Im also Going threw a low point in my life. (Letting go,Surrender,Loosen up).The Feelings of being Trapped in a Relationship, but I  must overcome the reason why I feel trapped/stuck and why there are problems, I need to find a solution to make things better and to know that the worst has passed.
Will overcome the problems and will be able to focus more on the goals I want to achieve and will be able to achieve..Soon My Feelings are starting to change if not already, feeling a little more positive and more optimistic . Will soon be able to see things a little more clearer then I was. Will be a little more happier then I was. But I need to remember to take what mistakes or problems  Ive had happened and use those as a tool or a guide to help myself. Learn by my mistakes and move on. Just don't hold back and or doubt myself. There will be a period of work not being finished or done at the time that I want and I may be at where I want things to be better then I have it already. But together with teamwork and better planning the goal can be accomplished. There can be a period of obstacles and times I'm not being myself and being what others want me or I think I should be.But remember that I do have the Inner knowledge to pull myself out of whatever Obstacle it is and bring up the hidden things that are bothering me. Learn to listen to myself.

My Tarot Journal/Lessons

Im staring a New Tarot Lesson and Tarot Journal on my Blog just to help me keep up with my Readings and also helps and teaches me more on the Tarot level. So your welcome to read it if you want if not just click on another link to go to.

I will have two labels one for my Tarot Journaling where I will  just write out my cards i drew for myself daily (well almost daily) and there will be one for my Tarot Lessons.

2 of my favorite Spreads I use most of the time are the Planetary Spread and Celtic cross but there are others I use for others who want a specific answer in Health,Love and Etc

7 Planetary Spread
1- Moon Position- Matters Concerning You at home
2-Mercury Position-Matters Concerning Business,Skills & Integrity
3-Venus Position-Matters Concerning Love
4-Sun Position-Mattes concerning your accomplishments
5-Mars Position-Matters Concerning Hostility,Opposition & Aggression
6-Jupiter-Matters Concerning Money,Fiance
7-Saturn-Matter concerning Intellect

The Celtic Cross Spread

Card 1:   The present
Card 2:   The immediate challenge facing the querent. You will often pull a difficult card here, which will indicate an obstacle that must be overcome. When you pull a "good" card here, examine it carefully because it will still represent a challenge.
Card 3:   Distant past, foundation. This card should indicate the root of the subject matter of the question
Card 4:   More recent past, including events. This will indicate events taking place, not necessarily directly connected to the question. For example, if a love affair going wrong Card 3 would show the root of why it is going wrong, whereas Card 4 will show something that recently happened to reflect this. You could see this as a "check comment" card - a way of seeing that the reading is sound.
Card 5:   The best that can be achieved. This is directly related to the question. Note that this may not necessarily gel against Card 10 - it depends whether you are able to get the best. However, a negative card here probably means that it is worth cutting your losses rather than putting any more effort into the situation.
Card 6: Immediate Future. This indicates events in the next few days or week(s). This reading does not cover months.
Card 7: Factors or inner feelings affecting the situation. Compare this against Card 1 in order to understand underlying forces/trends. If there is conflict between them this tends to indicate that the querent is going in the wrong direction.
Card 8: External influences. People, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond the querent's control.
Card 9: Hopes or fears around the situation. This may produce a card that confuses us badly. Always bear in mind that hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear, and so may fail to happen. Sometimes it is useful to draw a second card for clarification after the reading has been laid, and to read the two together.
Card 10: Final outcome. This is a fairly self explanatory card. However it is worth saying that if the card comes up somewhat ambiguous, once again it may be worth drawing three extra cards to clarify. These should be interpreted through the lens of Card 10. So if the card drawn is the Tower and we draw the Ace of Cups, Princess of Cups and Four of Cups in a reading about a relationship, the Tower would indicate that it is time to move on. The Ace of Cup suggests that a new relationship is promised with better things ahead. The Princess of Cups brings new love (and possibly pregnancy). The Four of Cups shows deep levels of contentment and happiness, and many options for progress.

nd Mary K. Greer in her book, 'The Complete Book on Tarot Reversals' goes even further and gives twelve (12) ways reversed cards might modify the upright meaning/meanings of a card.   1.) Blocked or Resisted
  2.) Projected
  3.) Delayed, difficult, unavailable
  4.) Inner, unconscious, private
  5.) New or Dark Moon (round deck variations)
  6.) Breaking through, overturning, refusing, changing direction
  7.) No or Not (the upright meaning): Lacking
  8.) Excessive, Over- or under compensating
  9.) Misused or Misdirected
10.) "Re-" Words: Retried, retracted, reviewed, reconsidered
11.) Rectification: Disease into Remedy
12.) Unconventional, Shamanic, Magical, Humorous

February 23, 2010


YEUP! thats what is is JURY DUTY. OH NO not for me! For Jorge! How the HECK!
He is the main bread winner right now until I get myself fixed and everything depends on him which hes doing a great job (props to Jorge) But Poor Guy I know I give him a heck of a hard time but If its not one thing for him its another.
He is scheduled for Jury duty in a week and he cant seem to get out of it. He called and they said They take no excuses so Im hoping some luck will come out of that. But we will see

The School Issue!

Well today I was trying to fix my Voice mail that I have with Verizon since we know got a new home phone I couldn't get into the voice mail because of a stupid pass code you gotta put in. I went to the website to figure out how to fix it. Well I had to call the stupid company to get the Pass code and I was lucky they helped me because it wasn't in my name but Jorge's. But they did and I got it. 

So I called my Home number and I had 18 messages (holy smokes) so after sitting there for like ever it seemed  i got thru to message number 9 and a lady with a Spanish new york accent saying "JESSICA! (my daughters name) If you do not have a adult call me from that Home I will Be calling the Police, If they do not call me by 93o TODAY I will be calling and reporting them "(For what I have no idea) and then she said "Oh and I CAN Get Your Address" and she hung up.(well goodie she can get my addy any smart teacher can DUH! I hope so she can go right ahead! Okay Ummm I still DON'T know who this lady was. Didn't leave her name, Im thinking shes from the school. So I called the school and no one knows anything about it.I talked to her teacher and I couldn't find anyone who knew.

I had my friend who knows a lady who works at the school and her (my best friends) husband works at the school board also to call and explain what happen (Which Ive called the school myself and tried to do the same with NOTHING Out of it) So My Best Friend calls and explains my situation. But still doesn't know who it was. (and who ever did call BETTER BE lucky I havent found out YET who she is because I will MOST DEFINALLY REPORT HER FOR Threatening me! No One is ALLOWED to talk to ANYONE like that EVER! Like my mom said dont take NO crap from NO ONE!

anyways, I talked to Jessica Teacher about a Issue with Jessica and She said she knew I had a lot on my plate and all and she let me know she did get my message about my email address (because I do have prepaid flex pay on my cell and sometimes doesnt switch over till after the service date I know pain and I do miss calls alot wont get voice mail until after ANYWAY) I gave her my email addy to email; ANY TIME~ so no excuse why they cant get a hold of me because I dont like that feeling of them thinking I dont care about my children if they EVEN think that But I just dont like that feeling. I just cant remember everything at once especially with  my health issues and meds sucking up some memory cells I got. I have 6 kids and house and man and Health to take care of Cant remember every freakin thing in the world People DO MAKE MISTAKES But if she would email ill GET IT! Geez So yea another DRAMA Ive been dealing with today.

My Medical Issue Geez

Well Ive had such a Crappy week its almost crazy. Ended up in the ER with a Cellelitus Infection to my face due to a bad tooth was there again last night because the infection spread to my eye and lymphnoid did they  help me? HECK NO just gave me stronger antibiotics thou and did give me a shot which my swelling went down ALOT! so I could eat finally well guess they did help alittle.

Been having problems with my stupid insurance company Gettin my Meds at the pharmacy who Walgreens have been working so very hard on getting me my meds theyve been a great help, it took them alittle longer to solve it but they called me to tell me they are still working on it which was very nice and respectful of the company even thou nothings being done just yet because the Insurance company system went down but I thought it was very nice they called.

Ive been calling around for Oral surgions to have my tooth pulled but NO LUCK! I called my past Oral Surgeon I had 10 yrs ago and paid 100.00 for it PFFT that isnt going to happen anytime soon they want 500.00 now ARE YOU SEROUS! whats has changed? I mean equipment are move evolved and suppose to make things easier to do things on people BUT THIS ARE MORE exspensive GEEEZ MANEEZ Drives me Bonkers.

Now I have to find a surgeon who takes my insurance but thats not going anywhere did call one he wont be back till March 5th umm ok wont help me there eather so Im screwed probably die for the infection to my brain before I find one with the rate im GOING! this is CRAZY! Now adays everything takes a buck for even your life if you dont got it them you  better make sure you got a will ready cause your less likely to get the help when you  need it. Plus then you got the system that is suppose to be there to help you, THEN you can even get ahold of them when you  need information or even talk to your caseworker or find out information it literally says "All assistants are busy now please call back later" (CLICK) ALL day long its like that. Or if you get luckey and you get to be put on hold i dont know whats worse.. Put on hold for 2 hours and then You get hung up on OR Being on Hold for 2 hours straight SOMEONES really got to do something. SO many people out there need jobs why cant we get those people working and taking phone calls WHATS SO HARD! SHOT ID DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT So thousands of people who need help on their Case GET IT and doesnt have to be shoved to the CORNER. Ive read so many people died because of Medicaids/Medicairs Neglect its so Terrible ! so Yea thats been my Weekend. So I hope things get settled before my swelling returns and Get this dumb tooth OUT!

February 17, 2010

Not Much Going On

Hey All Sorry Ive been so busy not able to write in my journal past couple days but Im back for abit and wanted to share a photo of josh that i had stored on my Pc. Isnt he cute. Not much going on here just same ol things as usual

February 11, 2010

My New Bed Set

Well I finally Got my Bed-set that Ive been wanting. Its a 12 piece bed set with just about everything. It has all these decorative pillows with it its so pretty its silky and conferable and warm I Love it.

Haircuts & Frappachino's Yummm

Well the other day when I went to get my haircut I took my oldest daughter along and got her hair cut too. We always get the angled bob Its hard to find someone who can do it right I always go to Master Cuts and that's the only place that does it right lol.
also a photo of Joshua, lol Drinking the rest of my Frappochino and yes he was very hyper after that. Never give kids coffee lol I learned my lesson.

February 7, 2010

My New Cell Phone & Photo's Of Joshua

Well I got my New Cell Phone like the Example I showed you in my previous Journal but I got a white one instead of the black. My Phone is SO HOT! I love it! Its like  a Mini PC in alittle device its so cool. It takes really good photos too. Heres 3 I took of Joshua isnt he so adorable.

Now you will be seeing a WHOLE LOAD Of Pictures now hahah

My Fur Babies

Well I was playing around with  my New Cell Phone and took some photos of my Fur Babies Are they SO CUTE!!

**This is Boots My Sweet Baby**

**This is Skooter-Hes Sweet & Smart but Sometimes he has no common sense but hes a sweetie.**

**This is Angel shes our Only Girl-Shes Major sweet and Gentle but shes not very smart but she is a major sweetie**

February 5, 2010

Joshua's New Shoes he HAD to Have

I decided to Take Josh to the store to buy him a new pair of shoes since all the handed down shoes from the boys where worn out and to raggedy to give to Joshua I ended up throwing those away and opting to buy him a new pair for going out only shoes..

So I took Josh to the Store and We where looking at some shoes, I didn't want to spend that much on shoes because soon he will grow out of them in no time and I have no other boy to hand down out grown shoes so I wanted to just get a cheap nice pair that he will wear a few times. Well As I was looking Joshua kept going to this one pair of shoes by Starter and they where fully white with a black spider on it and had black shoe laces. I was trying to talk him out of the shoes but he insisted he wanted it (not sure if it was because it was white or because of the huge spider on it) Which Btw I HATE spiders. So I tried to get him to maybe pick the black ones that way it wont get dirty so fast or whatever but he insisted he wanted the white ones. So I said Fine. It was 13.00 dollars which isn't to bad so I hope it lasts him, I just worry about them getting scuffed up because you know how Boys are. So Yea I took a few pictures of his shoes to show you. The Spider is So Freaky LOL

Favorite Quote/Poem of Feb 5th 2010

“Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.”
- Mahatma Gandhi

Good Day So Far

Well today is going okay, Just Washing a load of Laundry. I do have a Lady coming to Visit me around 1pm so I will be getting ready for that.

Yesterday Jorge Got Summonsed for Jury Duty I still dont know how hes going to do it or IF hes going to be able to get out of it but I hope so because for now hes the only bread winner paying the Bills and all while I'm planning to go to school now all the kids are just about outta the house and I can GO Out into the real world also hes the only Tech at the Nursing Home so Im hoping he can get out of it soon.

I sure do hope he hurrys and gets his Taxes heheheh yea im doing major sweeting up..I just cant wait till I work so I can have MY OWN! LOL That would be nice. But anyway I need to go take a shower and things and get ready for this lady to come visit.

Check In with you later.

February 4, 2010

Visit to the Mall & New Cell Phones For the Girls

Well today was a fun day, My Oldest ended up missing the bus this morning and since she was here I decided to just keep her home from school since she does well in school so one day wont hurt for her to stay home; so we packed up and I took her &  Joshua to the mall. We had a good time. I ended up buying  cell phones for my 13 & 12 yr old so that I can keep in touch with them when they go to their friends house instead of grounding them when they don't call or come home in time now we can call anytime.

I also was looking at some phones for me since they changed their policy about the upgrades since Ive been with T-mobile a year they are now allowing Upgrades Early so that's GOOD for me because Im am able to upgrade which I will be going back on the 22nd of February to upgrade my phone. Ive had a Sidekick 2008 for a year but since the screen broke so easily Ive been with  a Black Berry Pearl that a friend sold to me so I never did change the SK Plan to the BB Plan because I planned on buying another SK at tax time but then I heard that the new SK was crappy and the service got worse so I saw the Cliq by T-mobile its really nice its sorta of like a side kick but its also reminded me of a IPhone its all touch screen shot it beats paying full price for a new SK and it being crappy with the Upgrade for the cliq it will be 150.00 that's with taxes and fees so I WILL be getting that phone (Sweets up to Hubby *giggles) so Yea here is a photo of it its really nice.

But anyways we had a good time We stopped at Taco Bell at the mall and had lunch I snapped a photo of Josh eating his Taco LOL hes so cute.

February 3, 2010

To Earlie For Me

Well its Earlie Morning and I haven't slept all night, To many things on my mind and today Verizon will be showing up to install Fios I think well Jorge wasn't sure I don't know that man drives me bonkers sometimes. But anyway So Ive stayed up half the night washing his cloths that he didn't tell me to the last minute he needed washed so I decided to go ahead and stay the rest of the night awake I'm somewhat regretting it because I have to be up all day tomorrow and no time for a nap before kids get home from school so Uhgg I'm going to go to bed real Earlie today lol. But Other then that I'm forcing myself to stay awake to at least the kids get up and out the door then its my time. Thank goodness I have no more cleaning and laundry to do. But I am SO NOT A morning person that's why I didn't want to just go to sleep and wake up 2 hours later um no not a good idea Ill wake up cranky so for the sake of everyone I stayed up..lol I don't think I will be doing this again for awhile..Earlie bed time needs to happen again for me so that I can function right.

Well in the mist of staying up Eli My 6 yr old who I took to get his one shot yesterday so he could return to school well he woke up in the middle of the night crying because his arm hurt where he got the shot. Poor baby it was so swollen and red and hot it looked really sore so I gave him some Tylenol and he went back to sleep. I always hate the shots they give kids. Its like your damned if you do and your damned it you dont its like 50/50. *sigh

February 2, 2010

My Favorite Websites

I will Be listing a Few Websites that I enjoy here in this Catagorie

Jorge My Husband

Hahah I was going thru some Photos and I found a Photo Of my Husband Jorge when we did one of those western photos you can do at the mall well it use to be there but It was fun. He looks mean in his western photo. lol

New Pictures Of Me

Heres a Few Photos Ive taken Recently Of Myself.

My Thoughts & Emotions

Well I decided to separate my Thoughts and Emotions from my Journal-ling because I wanted to keep my Journaling for my Life but I really need a outlet to express my feelings and emotions at certain times as kind of a outlet for me. So your welcome to read if you would like but remember that this is just a outlet for me and once I write it I can let go of the feelings. Im sure you understand

New Year 2010

Wow its been so Long since I actually wrote a journal here so I decided to restart it because since I stopped I just had no way to express myself and let things out instead just kept them inside which is not a very good thing to do I know.

Well alot has gone on and I wont go into to much detail for 2009 but this is 2010 and A New Year and I wanted to start it right.

Well, The Kids are growing up since the last time I wrote something here. Myana is now in Junior High shes 13 yrs old and Gosh Now I believe what other people say about teenagers they are very hard But shes doing really good. She enjoys her classes she has 8 of them I just signed her up for her schools Art Club so shes enjoying that she loves to draw and loves computers shes a pretty good typer too for her age.

Jessica is still a Diva but can be a smart mouth at times but shes very independant then id like her to be but shes doing good just wish she was doing better in school instead of jabber jabber all the time but eh you know how Jessica is.

Sebastian,Gabriel,Eli & Joshua are doing great just growing up to fast for me Lol.

Well I know in the past Ive told you about my health issue and things I was in and out of the hospital in 2009 because of my heart, they found another tumor on the last Ovarie I have left and also I was in and out of the hospital with Pneumonia. I also have a Ulcer and Gastritis due to the meds they gave me in the past when I had so much pain for the last surgery I had for the tumor.

So other then that things have been okay just trying to stay positive and like my friends say "keep your chin up"
Ok gotta go now write later.

Myana Just called me from school, She spilled milk on her pants I feel bad because without a Car I cant go all the way there to give her a new pair and here my mom has a appointment in Brandon so I hope the school can at least let her borrow a pair schools have to have a extra pair of cloths somehow geez.