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June 12, 2010

Journal Sat June 12 2010:My New Ribbons & New Bow I made

Well last night my DH called me and told me he saw a big box full of Ribbon rolls at walmart and thought Id be interested in getting them so I told him Id go alittle later and look at them because I wanted to get some ribbons to make bows with with my girls for July 4th. He ended up buying me a a pink glue gun because the other one was pretty old and just didnt heat up like it use too. So he got me one of those (which was sweet of him) anyway I went that night to look at the and saw them and they had nice patterns to them so I picked up the box not really noticing how much was in the Box..Which I was disappointed cause there is not much ribbon in it...maybe enough to make 2 bows IF your lucky. But anyways I made a bow, it was sorta difficutl because of the length and all and maybe I was having a bad day I dunno..I still need alot of practice.. So I still kinda suck at it..But anyway I made it using a Snap clip cause I didnt have any alligator clips and such so I just had snap clips so I wrapped the snap clips with ribbon did the bow glued it on the snap clip SOO we will see how it goes..I made this to sorta match my daughters outfit for July 4th..she is going to wear a butterfly hat thats red white and blue so I put a blue butterfly in the middle of the ribbon..I mean its not 100% perfect but she loves it..LOL..I should of made the hangingin ribbon in a v but I didnt ah well....

Heres the Box I bought:

And The Bow

The Back Part of it showing the wraped Snap Clip
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June 9, 2010

My Journal: June 9th 2010

Original Rider WaiteImage by terriem via Flickr

Life had been so crazy lately Ive been trying to take every moment that I can to do for me which is practicing my Tarot readings and such. I even went to Amazon.com to order 2 new tarot decks and a book. Check Out My Tarot Blog Here to see what I bought. I'm overly excited to get them! lol...I love the ones that I made but I think it will be even MORE better to have new ones as well.

Today was the last day of school for the kids-Not really excited- Does that make me a bad mom?? No? I'm just not looking forward to the extra messes the extra fighting and other drama that happened when they are all home together. Why oh WHY cant we have year round school years here..*sigh* Oh well Sebastian is the only one who has to go to Reading Camp thru the school so he starts on the 15th of this month he will be doing this until July. He has mixed feelings about it thou. But I think it would  be good for him to boost up his reading skills. WHICH btw I am shocked that he even has a reading problem since the boy spends most his time reading science books and reading books about video games it surprised me. But if it will help him I don't mind to much.

Other then that and dealing with two teenager girls PMS my life is okay. Just Hope to get thru the summer okay and with my hair. But I will let you know if I go bonkers or not LOL.
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June 7, 2010

Just a Quick Update

Hi Everyone! No I have not forgotten about you, life has been so hectic lately with the kids are soon to be out for the Summer. I hope to be able to at least get online to send a few Journals and or upload some photo's from my phone to the blog.

A few things has been going on nothing to drastic but I hope to continue to update you all on my daily life.

I do have a few photo's to share later Ill get to that later. For it is 2am here and I need to get to sleep to wake the kids up for school. Three More days of it and no more school and do I sound excited *Um NO* because I will NOT be able to sleep in at all they will be up bright and early summer mornings and you'd think they'd sleep in but nope so yea that's my life ha ha.

So Stay tuned and thanks for visiting me <3