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April 1, 2008

Got the Staples Out Today!!

Well today I went back to Moffitt Cancer Center to get my Staples Out I was SOOOOOO Freaking happy cause those things where KILLING ME. I had 24 staples and they where actually ripping my skin like a Bear Claw. Well I got into the Clinic and got into my room undressed from waste down and the Doctor comes in and she looks at my scar and says "Oh man I don't know If i should take all the staples out" and I said "Oh No How come" and she said "well since your stomach is stretched from your pregnancys its causing the Scar not to heal quick and I'm afraid the Scar will Reopen and Everything will fall Out" Ok so that freaked me out. And Gave me a Binder that I have to wear for 6 freaking Weeks and OMG talk about Pain. Well She did end up taking out the Staples Which BTW Hurt like CRAZY Hurt more then the Doctor taking the staples out of my C section Scar. So Now im wrapped up in this Hot, Buckie, Itchy Binder for 6 weeks My scar is burning like hell and aching and its soo sore. My Stomach Is Bruised Uhg I was hoping after the surgery and staples out this would all be over.. Also I have to wait 6 more Weeks for SEX!! OMG ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Poor Hubby...anyway I still cant do anything she said No lifting or bending See Im a mom of 6 children and its just impossible not to be able to do anything. *sigh Im sorry Im just venting and rambling probably not making any sense I just needed to get this out that Im Missierable..

OH wel got the reports back today and they said that The Uterus was removed because of Emetrosis and my left Overie Tumor was cancer But the Cancer did NOT spread to any part of my body what so ever. So that was good The Lymphoids came out 0% which was awsome..and tissue around the tumor ws 0% . The left overie was taking out but they took my right & Left Follopian Tube out that there was a mass there so they took that...they left my Right Overie thou cause it had no Tumor or cyst which is good cause i want that natural hormone.and so Far I dont have to have Chemo which is GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. But I do have to keep going to the Doctor for check ups to make sure I wont get anymore masses growing since its hereditary..My mom has a Benign Tumor Growing on her brain stem which she had brain surgery 4 yrs ago..and they said I need to be monitored closely for any more tumors that pop up just hope they are not cancer or wont pop up where its hard to get too where it will harm me. So, So far GOD has spared my Life and I feel very lucky.

The Women at the Hospital I was at I felt so bad for them, One Women 40 yrs old had her tumor in the same place as mine and hers grown into her bowls and her bladder and she will have to wear a bag for the rest of her life..another women 29 wanted to wait to have kids till she finished her college Degree. and get married and have that perfect life..When she was trying to become pregnant couple months she didnt have her period and she took pregnant test and kept coming up negative so she swore she was pregnant and went to the doctor to find out she had Ovarian tumor found out later she had Cancer. that grew into her bowls and now she has to wear a bag for the rest of her life and also whats sad will NEVER have children.

I am so Lucky and I know the Little complaints of being in pain does not compare to what others are going thru emotionally and I really feel for them. I Thank My Lucky stars it was not me and I thank God Spared my life of hard ship and I hope he continues too. I don't know what I would do without the support of my Family and My Husband without them I wouldn't be able to do what Im doing now. My children yea they get on my nerves and do stuff that errk me but you know Im so happy I have 6 healthy Children and Im here to take care of them and I hope God Continue to have me here living each life as important as the other.. and dont sweat the small stuff..Live Big Live life like its your last cause once its gone thats it. I really Learned My Lesson.