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November 30, 2008

Brand New Journal-Nov 30 08

Well, I've been offline for quit awhile now and Im coming back slowely now. Things are slowely getting better for us. Last time You all heard from me was when I just had my surgery. Well what happened after that my childrens Father lost his Job and well with the economy and all Well you can imagine what happened. We lost everything except our house & water. Yes we had 3 months w no electric talk about terrble! But Jorge Finally found a job at a nursing home where's he's been at for 3 months now so we are doing better. Christmas will be tight this year thou.

Me well I went back to college to be a Medical Tech. I like it a lot, its very challanging. My last class was Medical Law n Ethics I got a B wooot! Now I take Medical Terminology. I did take a few months off of school and Imma pick up where I left up. At this time Im job hunting. Our car broke down so I had to take the bus to school everyday it took me 3 hours there and back. My friend who worked at the Hospital who went to work at 3am picked me up and I went to work w her till 5:30am and walked to the bus terminal which wasn't to far. Got on the bus at 6am was at school by 8:30. It was a challange that's for sure but I really wanted to do this and didn't want anything to stop me. For now there is and that's Money so I am job hunting for now before I return to school. So have you fingures crossed for me.

The kids are great still pain n the butts a lot but eh they are kids and what kids doesn't get on your nerves right? They are growing up so fast.

Myana will me 12 yrs old on 31 of Dec she jus got her first contacts (nana's doing) not mine uhg she freeks out w them so I say where ur glasses pleeeeaase!
Jessica she will be 11 yrs old n Jan 13 omg tha girl! She is so concieted and her mouth gets her n sooooo much trouble. She lies a lot which really errks me. But she's a good girl at times when she wants something.
Sebastian is still 8 yrs old, sweet as ever, he is doing very well n school and is addicted to planets and space he wants to be a future scientist for Nasa. The school awarded him w a award that says Future Scientist he was so proud and so am I.
Gabriel is 7 yrs old Same ol gabriel naughty as ever getting in trouble w his temper but he's mellowed down a teeny bit.
Eli is 5 yrs old now he's n kindergarten. Sweet as suger and cute as can be he's doing ok in school too.
Joshua he's 3yrs old now that little boy uhgg he is like all 5 n 1 child. He's cute,sweet, mean,sneaky,a brat alll that. But he is the baby and is spoiled lol.

Other then that not much else keep you updated

November 29, 2008

Hi all Im sorta back

Well im not online on my Pc, Im using my sidekick phone its just as good as a Pc. Just wanted to stop and say I missed all my friends and I hope to be back online in January. I think I can post smethings to the blog using my phone email so I will post some pics soon.
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