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August 28, 2010

Possible Writers Block??

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As I sit here trying to decide on what to write-I got to thinking that maybe it's a sign of writers block that I've heard people talk about. I've heard of creative blockage but I cant really say I ever had a writer block. Maybe I did in High School but I would have had  a hard time remembering  that since that  was many many years ago since I stepped foot into a High School Building. But I can tell you, this blockage is extremely annoying and boring.  

There are so many things running thru my mind I just can not figure out how to put them down. Well at least good enough for you to understand. There is a lot more that goes into writing a good blog post then just blurting it all out and not caring about the words, grammar or spelling. I use to be like that. But I am changing a little everyday. I'm not saying I'm the best writer in the world but posting on my blog is helping me become a better writer everyday. I guess you can say this is just practice for me. I am not always perfect when I write and a few mistakes of spelling and grammar may creep its way into a few of my posts but I am trying the best I can to catch them and change the mistakes. But, I think as long as I try to fix them and not try to just "I don't care" about them I think that is all that matters to me.

I want to write about something good, Something that will interest many readers but as of right now I have nothing in this brain of mine.

So for my fellow Bloggers out there. Where do you draw your inspirations? What would you love to read about? What do you not like to read about? I am very curious to know what you enjoy reading. By this will help me be more inspired to write what you like.

I know I can write about my daily life but usually its quit boring and same things everyday so I would hate to bore you with it. I will post if something interesting happens of course. But I would LOVE to post a little more then just my life.

So as you  finish reading my post, hop on down to the comment section and leave me a comment and tell me what you would like to read more of from Bloggers & where you draw your inspiration from when blogging on your blog.

I will post a few Related articles that my interest if you ever get where I am at right now. 

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Tina said...

I'm currently having writers block when it comes to articles. I have so many ideas, but can't sit and actually write one lately! Typically, during the day, if I am researching things or reading other blogs, an idea will pop into my head that I can expand on. I jot the idea on an index card and file it in a mini index file (mommy blog, writing blog, article) Then when I need a topic to write on for something I search through the file and start writing.

I love reading about how others solve any kind of problem, experiences in writing, writing tips.... but that's just me.