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August 31, 2010

Topic: My Kids Rooms

Topic today is about my children’s rooms.

We have four bedrooms.  One for the Boys, where they all four sleep.  Another one for my oldest daughter.  In addition, another for my youngest daughter.

The summer before last, we spent a lot of time repainting all three of the rooms.  This took a painstaking hours and hours to do.  Since the wall is Wood, paneling and you have all those small deep lines you have to get into.  I think we had to paint it two or 3 times so, the wood dark part of the wall would not show thru.  It was a little easier with my son’s room since their room was a darker blue color.
Myana-13 Room Pic #1

Myana-13 Room Pick #2

Here is my oldest room.  This is the first room we started working on.  In the process, we replaced her carpet.  (I do not know why we picked a light color carpet but that is all we had at the time that we were given by my mom so it is better than a particle wood floor.  Therefore, Hubby replaced the carpet and my mom and I went out hunting for a desk and a dresser at the Goodwill.  We found a good deal.
The next one is my youngest daughters.  Her room is the smallest room in the house.  I formally was an Office but turn into a room.  She loves her room even thou its very small.  The back area is open but we turned it into closet by putting a curtain rod as her hanger thingy.  To hang her clothes on.  We later went to the Goodwill and bought her a desk and it is heavy!  Very Heavy!  She does not have a mirror/dresser so we bought her a mirror frame that looks like a window its pretty.  We also replaced her carpet too and bought some new Curtains & Rods. 

Jessica-12 Room
I only have one photo because I couldn't get a very good angle on her room. It would of just been the same type photo so I just took one.

The Boys room we did in a blue color.  This would be a big room but with 2 double bunk beds in there its sort of tight but not that tight since we fit a small desk and a TV stand w their TV in the room.  They have a dresser, which is in their closets.
Boys Room (Joshua-5 & Eli-7 Bed)

Sebastian-10 & Gabriel-9 Bed

The only thing I have to get now is Rods and fabric to cover their closets.  Then I think it would look better.
Therefore, that is pretty much it.

My Newest Scrap layout of Joshua

I was playing around in Photoshop and made a Layout of one of Joshua's old baby photos. Isn't he adorable? I miss his curly little locks.

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My Crazy Morning

A cup of Turkish coffee served on a terrace in...Image via Wikipedia
  Well I had my morning coffee but it does not seem to of worked this morning. This is a bummer.

   Again, last night I had another sleepless night. As soon as I went to bed three of the kids want to wake up and be awake talking my head off before falling asleep again. (Come ON kids I want to sleep).

   At 5am, I got up after trying to sleep thru the alarm clock 2 times. I knew I should not push it any longer. Because I would have never gotten up if, I did.

   Therefore, I got up and woke the kids up to take a shower and then dress for school. Eli-7 and Joshua-5, they were the first ones up and I had them in the shower by 6:15 am. Then Jessica-12 woke up did her shower and the other two boys Sebastian-10 and Gabriel-9 also.

   Finally had them up, showers, Teeth brushed, dressed & Hair styled. Then we went to putting on their backpacks. To be honest we were way off routine. I do not know if it was the weekend that totally screwed it up or what. I just felt like things where not as they should have been. Meaning it did not run as smooth as I thought or would have liked. I guess you can say I was semi prepared. I mean I had all their clothes, shoes already ready, and things. I think it was the homework and backpacks. Somehow they always tend to creep out of the book bags and get lost at the last minute and book bags are not hung up where they are supposed to be which is starting to be quit a pet peeve of mine. It is annoying when you think everything is there the night before, you wake up, and it is NOT! Therefore, I was very annoyed this morning.

   The kids did not get out the door until a little after seven that was not too bad as long as they get to make it to school by breakfast before 7:30 am.

   While heading out the door (almost) Gabriel-9 pants where not staying up. He did have a belt on but for some reason this belt hubby bought was a little big on him so it did not hold his pants up to good. Therefore, Hubby took the belt off and tried to drill a hole into the belt. (Looked oddly at Hubby at the time but did not say a word but was thinking, “Umm not a very smart move there honey”) because I already knew the belt would fall apart because it was in my opinion (CHEAP) that he paid almost 10 dollars for. The belt ended up falling apart in his hands. So yea, the belt is now a play belt. Meaning when he wears his play cloths he gets a semi messed up belt. I mean it is still good and wearable so why not just recycle. You cannot always keep your kids in spanking new cloths when they play and especially an Autistic child. If you have a child with Autism, you know how much of a mess they can get into. So anyway, I finally found a good belt for him that I had stashed away and put it on and it’s a good thing this one fit him perfect.

   What was the lesson I learned today? Just because it has all those cute Disney Characters or that brand new movie emblem (his was Avatar the last air bender) does not mean it is a perfect belt or heavy-duty, that costs an arm and a leg. It is actually a piece of dodo; yes, I said dodo. So I think no more shopping at those high-priced stores for belts anymore because every time I buy one or Hubby buys one. They are not good quality. 

 You would be surprised that I have gone to the goodwill to find heavy-duty stuff for kids. Like their shoes for instant. My mother and I have gone there to buy shoes. I mean good heavy-duty shoes and the ones you can pay a lot of money for that actually last for maybe a dollar or the most 5.00 now THAT’s a steal!!  Like Tommy Hills, Nikes and Sketchers. Yea those type shoes and if you would not of known they were from the Goodwill either they are in perfect condition. In addition, I buy pants and shorts there too and are ever better then name brand store cloths. I have gotten a few dress shirts there as well. I think it is a great place to shop and helps save money.

Well I better try to get some chores done before I get totally bored online and think about going back to sleep (it’s too quiet in my house) so I will go get some chores done and then I won’t feel so guilty about taking a short nap (heheh) Blog you later...
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August 30, 2010

What if we...........**Adult Language*

 What if we had Facebook many years ago...This does contain adult content so if your a pickler over language then dont read .LOL this is funny

Kids Never Listen

Kids are so strange. They know if something is going to hurt them but they continue to do it anyway. Like today, my two boys (9 & 7) where roughhousing on my bed and I said, “Boys stop jumping and playing ruff, someone going to get hurt”. Before I could get up and get them off the bed, (not even two seconds later) I hear a scream (Eli who has the loudest mouth for such a cute little thing) started crying. As I got up and went over to the bed I Learned, that Gabriel had 
kicked him in the nose with his knee (not on purpose) but still.
Why don’t kids listen to us? I remember the good old day when you did not listen to your parents you better go, run, and hide before Mama Starts swinging with the belt. I guess not all parents were like this but my mom was.

I myself do not believe in spanking my children, not that I find anything horribly wrong what my mom did or anyone else who spanks their children. I just prefer not to because for my family; it does not work. However, if you are reading this and you do and it works. GOOD. There is always a difference between beating your child and a good swat on the butt. HOWEVER, I do not do it because it just does not work for my kids. I am not sure if it is because kids are more “Strong minded” in a sense. But then again this is just my opinion on why I do not do it and what I think about it. Many people have many reasons why or why they do not spank; this is mine. So do what works for you.
Wooden spanking paddleImage via Wikipedia

Remember these puppies? I remember when I was in grade school my Principle had one and I remember needing a few swats on the booty. I can say it wasn't very pleasant which isn't meant to be I know But I never was sent to the office again. So is spanking a bad thing? Or just a constant reminder not to do bad cause wed get a nice but whoop. Is it about putting that small amount of fear in your little heads so remind us that if we mess up there will be consequences? How does time out really effect our kids long term? Will they remember that time out of grounding or taking something away in the long run? Or will spanking remind them? There is a lot to debate here about spanking. As i said before to each their own. We all have a reason why we do what we do.  

Now back to the getting hurt topic. When you tell kids “Don’t run!”, they run. You say, “Don’t eat with your elbows on the table” they eat with their elbows on the table. Is it some type of conspiracy these kids are trying to end the adult world by driving us crazy? Well in my house its WORKING!

So with that said I am getting off here and putting some kids in their rooms for a needed time out. Blog you later
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A very down day for me

I am not sure if it is because I did not sleep much last night or because of the fall I had this morning (I hurt my knee, toe & Arm). Whatever the reason is why I feel this way it really ***SUCKS! ***. I did not sleep much last night due to having terrible heartburn that would not go away for anything that I gulped down. If I were not already prepared for the morning, the kids would have been late for school (Thank goodness for preparation).

I finally have all the kids out the door and one more going so then a house to myself and to be honest I really DO NOT feel like doing anything today. I feel somewhat depressed today for some reason. Am I allowed to feel this way? *sigh*

With only an hour sleep, I hope so. Therefore, the last child has left for school and I am going to go turn off the TV. I Skip My Morning Coffee and just go right back to bed. This is our secret. Just do not tell hubby because I will not hear the end of it. Nevertheless, I am just having one of those days where I want nothing more than to just sleep. Therefore, with that said, I am going back to bed at 8am and I will not get up to the afternoon (I hope; if my phone does not keep ringing). Dinner is already cooking in the crockpot, I have NO Cleaning details today except the basics, I am good to go, and BACK to bed, I go. So Blog you later
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August 29, 2010

My School Weekly Schedule

I know there are a few Moms out there who are wondering what a schedule is like with a whole lot kids. Well let me say its not really any different then those with a few kids. Now that the kids are in school full time I have a little more me time then I did from the summer.  I’m still in the process of working on the schedule but so far this is what I have.  I will occasionally go over it and see what I can add and what I can take out. But for now this is what I have.  If you like to make your own schedule by using mine as a guideline go ahead.

I also use Outlook Office 2010 for a calendar so I can see what I have to do and etc.
Here is an Example of My Outlook Calendar.
 I also use Cozi.com that I’ve used for years also. Here is an Example of Cozi.

SO Here is My School Weekly Schedule

5:00am:  SLEEP zzzz

5:30am :Wake Up 
               Brush teeth 
               Get Coffee 
              Throw a Load of Cloths in Wash 
              Fold Cloths from Dryer
6:00 am: Wake Kids for School 
               Jessica in Shower first then the boys 
               Brush Teeth 
               Brush Hair

6:30am: Dress into School Uniform 
6:55am: Kids put on Backpacks/Folders and/or Jackets On

7:05 am: Get them out the Door before 7:30 to eat breakfast @ school
                 Wake Up Myana for shower & dress

7:40 am: Clean up from Morning Routine 
                 *Clean Shower/Kitchen*

7:50 am: Check Emails & Online

8:00am: Myana out the door to catch bus

8:15 am: Fold Laundry/Add Another load

8:31 am: Make me breakfast & Clean up After Breakfast 

8:52 am: Daily Chore
                *Sweep Floors & Wipe counters *
                *Feed Cats/Dog & Clean Litter Box*
                *Light Mop*

9:08 am: Start Weekly/Monthly Cleaning 

10:00 am: Shower for Me 

10:20 am: Dress

10:45 am: Get a light snack 

11:00 am: Check Emails/Online 

12:15 pm: Lunch & after school prep

12:25 pm: Chore-Clean up kitche

12:30 pm: Eat lunch 

1:00 pm: Clean up from Lunch 

1:30 pm: Put laundry away

2:00 pm: Get Dining Table ready for Homework 
                 *Take Out Homework Box*

2:15 pm: Take Out Hamper for kids to throw their School cloths in 

2:20 pm: Get their play cloths/Shoes out to change into 

2:36 pm: Get kids after School Snacks Ready 

2:40-3:00 Pm  Room Rescue-Pick up/Wipe down/sweep

3:15 pm: Kids change out of uniforms into play cloths 

3:20 pm: Folders & Home work On dining table

3:30 pm: Kids eat snack outsid

4:00 pm: Home Work Time 
               *Play Time When Done

5:00 pm: Dinner Prep 

6:00 pm: Kids get Cleaned up For Dinner

6:20 pm: Dinner table set 

6:35 pm: Dinner Time

7:00 pm: Dessert

7:35 pm: Clean up from Dinner 

8:45 pm: Kids Dress in to Pj’s

8:55 pm: Brush Their Hair 
               Brush their Teeth 

9:00 pm: Get School Stuff Ready for Next Morning

9:25 pm: Kids in Bed 

9:45 pm: Finish Washing Dishes 

10:15 pm: Wipe Table & Chairs 

10:25 pm: Sweep floor

10:35 pm: Brush teeth

10:45 pm: Dress in PJ’s

11:00 pm: Bed time for me

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August 28, 2010

Our New Fur Baby Addition

We recently welcomed a new addition to our fur family last week. This was a very strange thing that happened and how she came into our lives. If you haven’t already known we are proud owners to six fur babies already (1 dog, 5 cats). A few weeks ago, I had a dream where I had owned a white cat and I loved her and pampered her. When I woke, I kept thinking about this white cat and  how nice it would  be to be able to have a pure white kitten.Which pure white cats are very rare; well to me it is.  I knew Hubby would say no, because already having six  animals.  Was already pushing it with him. So of course, I didn’t ask but it was in the back of my mind.t I was okay with the animals I already had.

One day as I was returning from the mail box and looking down at one of my letters. I felt something rub on my leg and thinking it was one of my other cats. I looked down to find this beautiful little pure white cat. I picked her up and petted her. From a distance I saw a dark cloud indicting it was going to rain so I took her inside with me and decided after the storm Id let her go back to where she came from. So I kept her and then that night I let her go. The next morning she was still there and has been here ever since. Where ever she was from she didn’t want to go back so I kept her despite  what Hubby thought and hes pretty much accepted her too and hasn't said much about it since.

To me she is meant to be and I’m so happy she is in my life. She is extremely special to me. I don’t know if  that dream I had was to warn me of her coming  or her giving me a sign that she was coming. Whatever it is I love her very much and would never get rid of her.
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Lice Battles