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August 28, 2010

Our New Fur Baby Addition

We recently welcomed a new addition to our fur family last week. This was a very strange thing that happened and how she came into our lives. If you haven’t already known we are proud owners to six fur babies already (1 dog, 5 cats). A few weeks ago, I had a dream where I had owned a white cat and I loved her and pampered her. When I woke, I kept thinking about this white cat and  how nice it would  be to be able to have a pure white kitten.Which pure white cats are very rare; well to me it is.  I knew Hubby would say no, because already having six  animals.  Was already pushing it with him. So of course, I didn’t ask but it was in the back of my mind.t I was okay with the animals I already had.

One day as I was returning from the mail box and looking down at one of my letters. I felt something rub on my leg and thinking it was one of my other cats. I looked down to find this beautiful little pure white cat. I picked her up and petted her. From a distance I saw a dark cloud indicting it was going to rain so I took her inside with me and decided after the storm Id let her go back to where she came from. So I kept her and then that night I let her go. The next morning she was still there and has been here ever since. Where ever she was from she didn’t want to go back so I kept her despite  what Hubby thought and hes pretty much accepted her too and hasn't said much about it since.

To me she is meant to be and I’m so happy she is in my life. She is extremely special to me. I don’t know if  that dream I had was to warn me of her coming  or her giving me a sign that she was coming. Whatever it is I love her very much and would never get rid of her.
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