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November 7, 2010

Organize Your life..Favorite sites

So Lately I have been in this saving money organize phase lately where Im hunting and hunting for little ideas here and there to keep  my house organized, And to keep hubby from just throwing things everywhere especially in cabinets and drawers which drives me crazy!
I have found a few sites that where very interesting and just wanted to share them with you all.
I will come back and add more links when I find the ones I really like so these are the only ones i have for right now.

  • EHow-How to Make Cardboard boxes into a closet  organizer.  **This one I really like because I have tons of cardboard postal boxes and other cardboard boxes including cereal boxes to use. They are not only good for crafts but they are awesome with organizing everything. But I perfer to use them in ares with hardly any moisture. Basements i wouldnt recommend using them and other places where it can catch meldew or where there is flooding and etc.**
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