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December 16, 2010

Halloween Day

Well we had a very interesting Halloween. Myana-13 Ended up spending the Halloween day with her friend going to a thing called "Trunk-or-Treat" and she came home later that night to finish up treating with her brothers and sister.

  • Sebastian was Avatar from the Movie Avatar (not the air bender movies thou)
  • Jessica was a Emo Goth Girl something from Tokyo Hotel Band (don't ask)
  • Eli was Emo Zombie
  • Gabriel & Joshua where just regular Zombies

Me? Well....I was nothing. As soon as I was finished with Jessica's Hair and Make up I had an overwhelming hit of nausea and ended up being sick the rest of the night to the point I couldn't open my eyes,hear noise, or even smell. Yea that bad, It was horrible. I was over it 3 days later,

The Kids didn't get much candy as they usually do, Which was a bummer but hey least they got some and they paid me in chocolate..haha I love chocolate

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