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December 16, 2010

Not so bad today

Three girls making a "sandman" at th...Image by State Library and Archives of Florida via FlickrToday hasn’t been that bad compared to the last couple days. Here in Florida we got down to 19* one morning then 22* the next its going up a little then it has been so that’s a good thing! Not that I hate the cold or anything I just hate freezing to the point I don’t want to move outta my snuggly warm Blanket. I think I wore my Lion slippers for 3 days straight. Yes even slept in them. Good thing I didn’t have to leave the house I probably still would of worn them. LOL Wouldn’t that be a site. But I don’t see why not. I see others wear their pajama’s to the store. I wouldn’t go THAT far but ah well.
So it has warmed up a little so I could ditch the Lion slippers and don’t have to wrap myself in a cocoon in my blanket. But its nice to have some cold weather because the summer was dreadfully hot.
I guess this is to expect this Christmas season. Plus My birthday is the day  before Christmas so THAT should be fun…hmm
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So Proud of Him

I can say that I'm so extremely proud of my 10 yr old son! He came home today with his report card with A's & B's and made the Honor Roll!!
He is so happy and proud. And to add more to that HES BEING PROMOTED TO THE NEXT GRADE!! WOW. So Yea I'm so happy for my Sweetie, He's worked so hard and deserves it.

Signing up for Help for the Holidays

FEMA - 42740 - Toys for Tots donation in Texas
Image via Wikipedia
So if your like a lot of people these days. Who are really hurting because of th economy. Heres a little advice. Take advantage of all and every help you can get. Yea that means swallowing your pride to. If you need help and you can get it TAKE IT!. I know with our issues at home and DH being laid off work things are very hard Around the time of the Holidays too.

We applied for just a bout every single thing out there and now we are getting help (slowly). DH finally got his unemployment but sad part is It doesn't pay ALL our bills; only the Mortgage & electric.

So I was sitting here thinking what am I going to do with 
Thanksgiving and Christmas comes a long? Well I applied for all that too. Wends. I'm going into a Catholic Charities to see if they can help with food boxes for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I also signed the kids up for Toys-4-Tots. So I hope there will be a few more programs out there that are taking applications.

SO maybe, JUST MAYBE the holidays wont be so bad this year after all.
QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Feel Free to comment
  • Have you ever had to sign up for programs to help you get by?
  • What programs did you go thru?
  • Any other programs in Florida you may know about?Si

Halloween Day

Well we had a very interesting Halloween. Myana-13 Ended up spending the Halloween day with her friend going to a thing called "Trunk-or-Treat" and she came home later that night to finish up treating with her brothers and sister.

  • Sebastian was Avatar from the Movie Avatar (not the air bender movies thou)
  • Jessica was a Emo Goth Girl something from Tokyo Hotel Band (don't ask)
  • Eli was Emo Zombie
  • Gabriel & Joshua where just regular Zombies

Me? Well....I was nothing. As soon as I was finished with Jessica's Hair and Make up I had an overwhelming hit of nausea and ended up being sick the rest of the night to the point I couldn't open my eyes,hear noise, or even smell. Yea that bad, It was horrible. I was over it 3 days later,

The Kids didn't get much candy as they usually do, Which was a bummer but hey least they got some and they paid me in chocolate..haha I love chocolate