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December 16, 2010

Not so bad today

Three girls making a "sandman" at th...Image by State Library and Archives of Florida via FlickrToday hasn’t been that bad compared to the last couple days. Here in Florida we got down to 19* one morning then 22* the next its going up a little then it has been so that’s a good thing! Not that I hate the cold or anything I just hate freezing to the point I don’t want to move outta my snuggly warm Blanket. I think I wore my Lion slippers for 3 days straight. Yes even slept in them. Good thing I didn’t have to leave the house I probably still would of worn them. LOL Wouldn’t that be a site. But I don’t see why not. I see others wear their pajama’s to the store. I wouldn’t go THAT far but ah well.
So it has warmed up a little so I could ditch the Lion slippers and don’t have to wrap myself in a cocoon in my blanket. But its nice to have some cold weather because the summer was dreadfully hot.
I guess this is to expect this Christmas season. Plus My birthday is the day  before Christmas so THAT should be fun…hmm
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