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July 31, 2010

My Last Few Days & Weekend so Far (July 31st 2010)

The last Couple of days its been so hot. To the point I thought I was just going to melt away . Its been 102* in the house for the past 3 days and I had to push myself to get housework done today, which BTW I took 10 cold showers. I had to put on a bathing suit just so I could just get in the shower when it was hot and get out and continue working.

   I ended up scrubbing my dining room floor and Mopping it along with half my Kitchen which I couldn't do the other half because I still have laundry I had to do which I doubt I will be done today with laundry (Sigh) yea I know I didn't even want to do anything last week because it was so hot and now I'm paying for it-Guess Ive learned my lesson-Or Have I??? (LoL).

   So I just totally give up after my hands started hurting and turning red and blisters started popping up between my fingers and index finger..I think its time to stop and finish the rest tomorrow, The heat was sure getting to me thats for sure. (Sigh) I feel my work is never ever done thats for sure.

   Well a few things I have been working on this week, I've been working on mostly remodeling my Digital Scrapbook Store and still need to add a few Products. I also opened up a Social Site called "Scrappy Scrappers Outlet" where everyone who enjoys Scrap-booking and wanting to collect Freebies, Get First look at new products or just come to chat with other scrappers. Thought it would be fun to have one, I don't have any members yet (Sad face) but soon I hope....I still need to work on my Scrapbook Blog I have so many links to fix and things so (sigh) within time I will get it done.

   Jorge did end up fixing my External by installing it in my PC. Hes quit good when it comes to PC installation I told him she should make that a job but he said he rather keep it a hobbie and not just work. Ah Well (Rolls eyes) Men can be strange sometimes.

   I also been working on a few things on Cafemom Site. I added a "Scrapbook Designer Resource" Group for the Designers out there to get together to share resources. So yea Ive been quit busy.

   ALSO!, I am working on a Novel, Its a Fairy tail Novel, Not your everyday Children's Novel. This is going to have many Mystical Creatures ~Suspense,Love,Adventure,Mystery,Love  & All that Fun Stuff~. The Book will take me awhile to finish. Myana is helping me with some of the work so shes excited and so Am I. (Smiles).

   So well thats it for now, Until maybe later tonight.
Oh BTW check out "Clash of the Titans" it was a really good movie, Some things where changed or left out from the other movie but it still was a Great movie. So check it out.

Okay Signing off now. have a great evening

July 25, 2010

Past Personal Tarot Readings Ive done

Aug 9 2010
Sorry been sorta MIA Lately, Trying to take a Break from tarot, But I did end up doing a Quick Reading on myself for my Journal.

This card Symbolizes either my own person or someone in my life.
This card also Symbolizes Desires/Freedoms
The Card Also Symbolizes
In my Life: Career/Activities/Inspiration
Part of Self: Will/Actions
This card also could symbolize children in my life or a project that has not been completed.
This card is telling me that even thou sometimes things don't seem to be fair and I might feel things are a little hard and I feel as
 if I'm not going anywhere I am exactly where I should be, I need  let things go and let it flow and allow things to happen.

This Cary Symbolizes Things that are in my control, I can change this depending on the choices I make.
This card is showing that I need some type of Security,
This card also symbolizes Movement and taking actions. it is telling me to be brave and move and it will take hard work
and it will take a whole Lotta courage to get thru it to reach my dreams but I can do it. First I need to sit down and
think out the pros & Cons and see what I really will accomplish.
This card is also showing a point of Feeling confused and Restricted and sometimes Powerless unable to move sometimes.
It also can mean sometimes I'm having conflicting thoughts run thru my head that possibly keep me down. :(
This card is showing that On the good side I'm using my Imagination for good and being sensitive and compassionate to others but I'm
still being more to myself and being sorta weak-willed and easily told what to do right now. Need to kinda get outta that.

This Card Symbolizes a Personal Action or a Person in my life.
It also symbolizes my Desires/Freedoms
In Life: career/Activities/Inspirations
Part of Self: Will/Actions

This card symbolizes Knowledge. the King is a mover and a doer. He's a instigator of new ideas and projects.
 Use him to advice myself to my advantage. He is the type to stand his ground and finished whatever project is completed.
finished what I start don't quit!

This card is showing that I am being quit Severe and unyielding in my actions, sometimes a little to strict in thoughts and things I want to do.
This card is also telling me to be sure this is what I want in life, Figure it out, make your goals and stick to them.

Be Strong

JULY 16 2010
General Reading-There may be some people who do not really take what I do seriously.  They do not understand why and what I actually do (as being a tarot reader).  This card tells me to be ready for some criticism because of it.
In Romance-my DH and I have certain issues and beliefs we do not agree on in our relationship.  We both maybe try to change each other to think the way we want. 
            This card is telling me to back off a little and give myself space and the whole issues will blow over.
In Health-This card shows that I'm really tired and burned out by the long hours in the day, way too much work I do and no time to enjoy my days if that my life.  This card is telling me I need to take some time for myself and do what I enjoy, I will return more happy and refreshed with new flowing of energy in my daily dealings.
In Spiritual-I must admit I need to take care of a larger issue in my life.  I need to set more goals for spiritual self.  Take Classes (I am) do something to get and keep on track.
In Mind-I am a powerful thinking-era with a questionable curious mind I have keen insight into the human condition.

This card is showing some frustration in some people and situations maybe false accusations, unfairness was caused, and it shows intolerance for them. 
This card also shows that I am change because of this (for what suits me)


at this time I am friendly and caring and love helping others.  I am honest and loyal to my friends. 

General Readings-My life is happy and fulfilled.
The card shows that I am a nurturer, like a person who finds lost animals and takes them in to take care of them, or the person whose there for her friends or other people she does not know.
I am a good listener and very open to people and their problems and the cards say I made good counselor as well.
In Romance-The cards say do not over baby DH (LOL) he doesn't need to much nurturing use it on people who would appreciate it more (aren’t that the truth LOL)
In Health-Try doing something in the garden or spend time playing with my children this will give me great emotional satisfaction or take a trip to the beach too.  Take some time out for myself too.


the message in this card is telling me I must find a healing outlet for anything that is causing me issues.  It is very important that I find ways to release whatever stress/tensions I have building up inside of me.  Do not wait until things build up and I blow my top.  Release them now.
This card also tells that there something I want to do but I cannot do to social conditions etc.  Maybe the ways of my thinking of belief its hard sometimes for me to break free of the "old ways" of thinking or how civilization believes and what they think, I think it affects me at some point, not really wanting to stick out like a sore thumb but to fit in, but yet I am different. 
This card is telling me this is bad and if not dangerous to think like this.  Maybe sometimes these issues come like a bomb and I go all crazy. 
The cards say that craziness is only a "suppression coming to a point where you cannot control them anymore,” but also says the way to see thru it is thru meditation.

This card tells that whatever I am learning in my life or have learned to use it in my life.  Use my Past life experience to help me make decisions in my today choices too.
Try to also express myself
I carry something inside me that will mold me into the person I am and should be but i tend to stop myself (standing in my own way) this card is telling me to move aside and then the answer will be revealed.  Osho says, "Everyone has this masterpiece, because God never gives birth to anything less than that.  Everyone carries that masterpiece hidden for many lives, not knowing who they are, and just trying on the surface to become someone.  Drop the idea of being someone.  Because you already are a masterpiece.  You cannot be improved.  You have only come to it, to know it, to realize it.  God has himself created you, you cannot be improved" I love that paragraph from Osho. 

This card is telling me I "have an opportunity with others now to make (my) contribution to creating something greater and more beautiful than each of (I) could manage alone" not only will I be nourished by it we will also help something precious all together.
This card also asks have you ever seen things while others don’t.  Things that happened everyday around you, you notice, others don't and go on with their lives?  So many people do not even take the time to even notice things.  Also are also seen as blind people, this world is so beautiful we do not even know how beautiful it really is and we dwell in our own little world of misery.  There are times when instinctively they want to pull out of the little miserable world we think we are in and struggle daily.  Then it comes down to where you do not want to leave your little miserable world and all the suffering you are enduring.  Without this, you will see no joy around you.  You just have to be aware of it.  So Stop dwelling on the misery and problems of the world and open your eyes to the positive brighter beautiful world that it really is.  You are not stuck you just need to find that extra lift to help you out to see it.


"Spend some time alone in a quiet thought.  Clear your mind, and focus on your truth and priorities"
This card is asking if I’m maybe pushing myself a little too hard, it’s telling me to relax and take some time for myself to ease my mind and body.  In addition, it would like me to reflect on what is really inside of me (my heart/feelings/desires).  It says "You will know that it is true Divine guidance, and not just trust your imagination or wishful thinking if its speaks of your desire to make a difference in the World."

JULY २०१०
This is just a spread I made up, not specific layout just a Past, Present, Future and Long Term Outcome.  For Each Area of the Past...  Future...  Etc...  I pulled two cards for each, which is a Total of 8 Cards.


Card Symbolizes Work & Social Activities. 
It also Symbolizes Completion ether (good or bad)
theirs some undecided points in my life. 
This card is telling me  that despite the times when I  can’t decide something or can’t seem to find a solution there are answers that I can’t see yet  which they will start making themselves known when its time.
This card also symbolizes Action, Courage, and passion, which is well balanced with Mental Attitudes and Strife in my dealings.
On the negative side this card shows that there were times of Defensiveness and Presumptions but know that this is over and there where positive results that came out of it

this card symbolizes a Triangle it’s about taking action and self-expression and Sociality. 
This card is showing a group activity or situation. 
It also shows a delay in things but with a positive outcome in the future. 
This card also symbolizes Emotions and Intuition as well as memories of the past.
This card symbolizes Surrendering to change and accepting improvement and making adjustments in my life.
Even thou things are going great I need to back and evaluate a few things and not be so hotheaded about stuff.  I am using all this courage and passion for things I am neglecting my emotions and intuition in certain matters.  I need to stop back and take a look what is in my subconscious mind for the answers.  Even thou my Actions and Motivations are strong I am sort of lacking in the Spirituality is weakened by some of my actions in the past.


this card symbolizes Money/Financial Matters.
Symbolizes Effort/Findings and maintaining control over issues that arises against me.  This card shows that I am faced with many issues, all which can be overcome, after when finding a way to get thru them or a solution.  Being able to analyze and understand about myself and my own spirituality and having the wisdom and understanding and seeing where my own faults leads me into learning by my mistakes and not feeling so trapped and suppressed.  However, remaining awake to things around me.
This card shows a  time of solicitation or wanting to be alone for a while to reflect on things and gain Stability  that have happened (emotions/memories)and to help me look at positive ways to get thru it.
This card also symbolizes earth, which shows stability and intuition.
In the end, I will reap the rewards and possible a direction change may occur at this time.

 (Positive-BUT with something to work on)
This card Symbolizes Stability.  For Right now, everything is calm and solid for me.  This can be a positive thing.
However, since the card is reversed the card is showing something refusing to move or change.
This card also symbolizes a Family Unit as well as home and a message of matters attached to stability of the home.
Together the Cards go pretty well together, they both support each other thru my g roundness that I have in my relationships with my emotions and feelings.


this is the card of Destruction and feeling as if I am in a rut in things and cannot seem to freaking move.  This card is telling me to remain patient/ Things must happen to make better in the end.  Learn from the mistakes that have happened and move on just have faith things will get better and they will.  This is also a good time to maintain control over things that are not going my way or going against me.  Stay strong you will get thru it.
My Actions and Motivations will work well together.

This card symbolizes Work & Social Activities. 
This card is telling about Decisions and about different paths I can take, a choice must be made.  Some things have to be balanced at this time.
The Number in this card symbolizes Relationships and Cooperation, Consideration and Patterning.  Working together as a Team
this also indicates that a waiting period where there will be some slow moving success that will not be seen until later.
This card also saying to me to be More Daring and Bold in my dealings in the future.

This card is showing a blocked emotion something that I will try to avoid.
This card is telling me not to sit around, wait for it, and not do anything.  Get up and do something about it.

This card symbolizes a Man who is Romantic & Sensitive he is imaginative and on a Mission.
He is a mover and a doer and he gets things a moving.  He is also loyal and Trustworthy. 
He also symbolizes Friendships and relationships
Braveness and achievement, Wise and Calm and who is caring and tolerant of others

1.) What is blocking me intuitively?
The Chariot-Reversed: My Inpatients is blocking my intuitive side, this card is telling me to be more open to it.

Affirmation: "I move through life triumphantly."

2.) What outside influences are effecting my intuition?
Queen of Wands: She is Sympathetic to others and understands those around them, This card is about emotion and motivation and is telling you to be more kind and try to understand things that are happening and why,

"I am a radiant strong being filled with the power of love."

3.) What is inside me that is hindering my intuition?
Seven of Swords: This card symbolizes action or transformation, it shares thoughts or ideas, or a problem, this card is telling you to be more open to new thoughts & Ideas that I have and allow my intuitive side guide me instead of doubting.

"I center my attention on the task before me, and complete it with ease."

4.) What can help me with my intuition?
King of Wands-Reversed: Shows a man who very creative and bold in his dealings and is also inspiring to those around him and can be sometimes a little forceful at times.  Also a man whose is somewhat hardheaded, stubborn, and Independent and who doesn't like to be held down or tied down or kept from doing something.  Since the card is in reversed, it is showing him as being a little stern and a little annoyed by some and not tolerating those around him at this point. 
SO maybe this card is telling me to stop being so hardheaded and relax

"I open myself to my own success."

5.) What do I need to change to help me with my intuition?
10 of wands symbolize struggles and burdens.  This card also symbolizes that what you give our you will get in return. In addition, the card is telling of something I had but i ended up losing but its okay I will just have to start all over again and where I have to rebuild what I had as before.  Start Fresh.

"I release all repression so my Will flows freely

6.)  What can I do to 'unblock' myself intuitively?
Eight of Wands: Symbolizes Quick Actions and issues that have been solved.  The card is telling me that despite what I think I can get thru issues that I run into, just need to have a little more courage in myself and hope and faith that I will get thru, The card is also telling me that I will learn by these mistakes and issues and move on with my life living and feeling better in the road to come,

"Challenges and obstacles are achievements waiting to happen."

1. Tell me How many Spirit Guides I have = four

two Tell me something about your personality.
SG has a somewhat of a Controlling personality.  NOT being Forceful in anything or telling me what to do but a Very impatient kind of "You get on my nerves" kind of attitude when I am not getting what "She" is saying.  and I SWEAR This has GOT TO BE Karen LOL She’s my Main Guide and she’s very Stern and reminds me Sylvia Brown LOL...kind of like Listen child I’m telling you but you aren’t getting it LOL!

3 Why are you with me (related; personal interest; "assigned")?
Correcting Mistakes that I have learned in the past and helping me put together misplaced truth and helps me thru disputes.

4 When is your presence the strongest (in what types of situations)?
During Hard Times and when health is not, so good
five please tell me an event in which your presence or influence was particularly strong.
During Arguments and going off in illusions lol, (oops)...  ok yea so she probably was totally tick off all last year because I was Gone Man I mean GONE LMAO!

6 What would you like me to know now?
To take some time to rest and let some things go, let things blow over

JUNE २२ 2010
Card One:    What kind of emotional clutter have I accumulated?  I have gathered much sorrow, depression and frustration and feeling restrained and feeling as if I cannot move I, felt held down and restricted from things I want and love.

Card Two:    How is it affecting me?  It made me realize that even the ones I trusted and loved, they hurt me and betrayed me and lied to me.  Also so many disagreements and not wanting to work on any issues at hand.

Card Three:  How is it affecting my relationship with others?  I have some restriction with people, I am more careful in my dealings with them or do I trust them.  Sometimes I think I have all will power i mean I probably do but many things in my head are undecided on how I feel and how i will react.  Just a very confusing time for me.

Card Four:   What steps can I take to rid myself of this emotional clutter?  The Cards Say Finding a Job and then I will build my Courage and I will start seeing new things that I will like and have more purpose in my life then I do feel now.

Card Five:    What can I do to avoid the accumulation of emotional clutter in the future?  A little more consideration on other people’s feelings, making true friendships.  With this, I will have a happier life and must happiness in my life.  Love, Harmony, and Trust will be built as well.

JUNE २० 2010

I think I FINALLY HAVE seen the Light and I hope this Tarot block has been lifted we shall see, But I did a reading on myself.it was supposed to be for a health reading and well it sure didn't turn out anyway physical it was more inward health related I guess you can say, But I learned a few things and how to break down my readings instead of just reading the card for what it is. So I will add the reading here for my own journalism purposes.
The first card shows the emotional aspects of myself, Many Faults and Errors has been made by me and even thou I mean no harm in it, it really was harming me.
Another card that deals with my emotional aspects of myself also is  where the card shows that I’m scared of success and I'm undecided what I want to do with my life.  As a matter affect this is so true, because I have been mother for 13 yrs. and being a homemaker and mother and being home is ALL I know.  Now that the baby will be five (Tomorrow) and going to school I have that free time to do ME.  In addition, to be honest no matter how NICE that sounds it scares the ba-jezzus outta me.  Because leaving something I have always known for 13 yrs. and thinking about me?  That is scary because for one I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IM GOING TO DO!

The next following cards shows the main challenges that I am dealing with it first card shows that I need to Observe things a little more before judgmental on it and try to understand those around me (mostly on the domestic front of it_ With my Husband and kids. The card is also telling me to be more productive and be more patient while doing it.  Do not rush into rash decisions and moods.  There’s also another card that deals with my main challenges that I'm dealing with, It is Order, Discipline and Prepare, This card is telling me that I need to have a little more discipline in myself and get things done and gather myself to what I need to do and what I SHOULD Be doing and to prepare myself for the coming times.

The Next cards show Choices and Decisions.  These 2 cards are telling me that I need to find a way out of feeling restricted as I told you before I am scared of leaving the life that I know to do me, Sometimes I feel like I can’t move but I need to learn to get past that and find always to "be free" and not feel so restricted.
In addition, for then I can change myself to be More Happier and have more prosperity in the results.

So basically I need to stop being so Impatient and start being a little more passionate and understanding to those around me, Be More productive in my day to day life, Stop being Moody and sulking around like a big baby and try to not let myself get to detached from what I'm supposed to be doing and feeling.

Also the cards in a whole say that I need to build more confidence in myself and courage and to Follow my Intuition and love endlessly then in the end I will have success

My Bonus card I pulled  shows that I will be coming into new knowledge  as well around this time...

June 19 2010

 My Tarot Journal for today, I used the Spirit Guide Message Spread (Collection 1-12) if you would like to try it. And here are my results of the spread.

1. What should I be learning? Learning my weaknesses and working thru them and knowing it’s okay to make mistakes

2. Where do I find inspiration? Despite what has happened to me had led me to seek inner guidance, wanting to better myself, and wanting to learn more about things has inspired me more to look more inside of myself.

3. What areas are keeping me from progress? My life is changing at every moment and every step I take and things are becoming more clearer for me. Things are getting better and I put too much trust in something without being a little cautious i need to let certain things go but also protect myself of the just in case but still live life and trust but it doesn't hurt to be prepared. Don’t trust so easily but just have a little more faith.

4. What will bring balance to my life? Not losing faith or patience in my life. And be more loving when dealing with situations in my life.

5. What opinions do I need to re-examine?  Sometimes check my attitude or temperament toward things try to be a little more kind and try to find my independence.

6. What direction is my life taking?  Says I will be able to make the right decisions and to know that my choices are good for me. And I will become more stronger and more focused on my future goals and I will reach them as I go on with what I’m doing.

JULY 15 2010

New Tarot Reading I did for my Journal and myself.

First card shows that I do not very trust of those around me even thou I depend on them.
Second card shows that I can be easily persuaded and I need to think before I make decisions.

Third card shows that I’m a loving and tender person. My Psychics and Intuitive gifts are at a high right now. I’m full of compassion for other people.

Fourth card shows a possible something new coming into my life or a journey of some sort, spiritually I will be fulfilled. Intuitively and creative mind will succeed. My unconscious mind will become more aware of my surrounding

 MAY 4 2010

Working on a new thing for my cards so here’s my daily reading today

First card I got shows Discord and conflict within my daily life and I grow impatient every day. This is so true because I’m always arguing with Jorge who gets on my nerves and doesn’t see what the issues are at hand.

The Next card shows a Happy Conclusion to the problem and the card means abilities I didn't know I had will start showing itself more around this time.

The next card shows that immaturity and emotions that I am having is irrelevant to the problem and not helping it. And to use more of my logic and reasoning to fix the problem.

The next card shows Effort and hard work and growth. the card also shows that the issue is toward a dark completed person with dark hair and eyes and that’s JORGE alright who is the problem, The Bonus card I pulled shows me even thou I'm going thru all these issues that there will be end to the situation and it will be a change in my life as follows

  FEBRUARY 27 2010

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I’m Feeling defensive and hardheaded and not tolerating anyone, not letting lose a little with the kids and Jorge. Feeling Down and Sad about things not going the way I want them too. Instead of worrying about my feelings. Instead of worrying about those around me. (Defensive: stubborn). Letting go of my issues that I have and not holding onto feelings that are bad for me. I need To Stop holding onto guilt feeling bad because of the way I’ve been treating others around me. I’m also going through a low point in my life. (Letting go, Surrender, Loosen up).The Feelings of being Trapped in a Relationship, but I  must overcome the reason why I feel trapped/stuck and why there are problems, I need to find a solution to make things better and to know that the worst has passed.
Will overcome the problems and will be able to focus more on the goals I want to achieve and will be able to achieve. Soon My Feelings are starting to change if not already, feeling a little more positive and more optimistic. Will soon be able to see things a little more clearer then I was. Will be a little more happier then I was. But I need to remember to take what mistakes or problems I’ve had happened and use those as a tool or a guide to help myself. Learn by my mistakes and move on. Just don't hold back and or doubt myself. There will be a period of work not being finished or done at the time that I want and I may be at where I want things to be better than I have it already. But together with teamwork and better planning the goal can be accomplished. There can be a period of obstacles and times I'm not being myself and being what others want me or I think I should be.But remember that I do have the Inner knowledge to pull myself out of whatever Obstacle it is and bring up the hidden things that are bothering me. Learn to listen to myself.

July 21, 2010

Another Hot Day

Morning: It was hot hot hot today. What I wished for was a nice big cold pool to just dip myself in, but to bad its broken since the Last hurricanes we had a few years ago never got a chance to get it fixed. So Ive been trying to push threw it this morning. Doubt it will get any cooler till the night time (I hope).

Afternoon: Nope not even close to cooling off yet. Please please let it cool off. So trying to think what to cook for dinner to night, Maybe just do simple tonight like cereal lol now that's simple..but good things everyone Loves cereal in this house LOL so I'm sure it wont be a problem, Tomorrow I will cook Hamburgers and french fries yummm.

Evening: Check back in later tonight

July 20, 2010

July 20th another day another time

morning: Well this morning I ended up waking up about 8:30am wishing I could of slept in but my luck the kids had me going first thing. Good thing I had dinner already prepared in the crockpot the night before that saved a lot of time. So not much else for the morning routine.I Oh before I go wanted to show the yummy runs and broccoli we had for dinner.

AFTERNOON : well not much else for the afternoon ether but sweat to death and clean up a little one thing about the heat is that the kids hate moving around.... well sometimes lol... check back in with you tonight.

Evening : well Jorge came home early and dinner was done and we had a nice dinner. I just took a shower and now I'm relaxing with Jorge. I am sitting here blogging on my cell gotta love android blogger for their handy dandy blogger app. Lol so let's see nothing else going on tonight really boring tonight so check in tomorrow.

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July 13, 2010

Daughter Left For Camp Today

Well my Oldest daughter left yesterday for Camp with her BFF. She has been looking forward to going to camp with her BFF for so long. A few weeks ago she spent the night over at their house to have a garage sell to earn money to go to camp. It was really nice of her friends parents to pay for the camp this week. They Just Love her to death.

So shes been gone since Sunday, and here shes been gone before from home but this time it seems like Im taking it hard. I miss her very much shes a really cool kid. Just miss her guess Im having one of those emotional days.

So anyway, I think I maybe coming down with something, I woke up yesterday morning with a headache and body aches. So I pushed threw it most of the day, and I actually went to bed really early then usual. But ended up waking up at 3am and I have a fever. So I hope it goes away by 6 am. But anyways Just wanted to come in an update you all.

July 11, 2010

Been A Crazy Summer

Lifes been so crazy lately haven't had a chance to update my blog lately...but I will get back to it...

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July 5, 2010

My Amazon Orders

Well I have had the Birthday money my uncle send me like back in December and I just did not know what to get with it UNTIL NOW!
I was hunting thru Amazon AGAIN!  In addition, found a few things I ordered today WOOOT could not wait to get them.  SQUEALS.  Some are Tarot Decks, I think I have two Oracle Decks and a few tarot books and a Tarot Magic Book so that would be FUN to look at too...  WOOT!  Cannot wait...
Here’s what I got: 

  • Complete Book to Tarot Spreads
  • Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
  • Osho Zen Tarot

  • Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)
  • Oracle of Shadows & Light
  • The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything you  need to know from start to finish
  • Power Tarot:100 Spreads
  • The Arthurian tarot Deck

  • Tarot Spells
  • Paulina Tarot

Okay here’s are some reviews of the items I bought:
So I got my Osho Zen Deck yesterday.  I love it, it is beautiful, colorful, and the cards speak to me.  They are similar to the regular tarot cards in away by name but the name is a little different like the Rainbows are Pentacles etc. etc.  I really love them and already used them they have given me such already needed spiritual insight its crazy...One point I even had tears in my eyes it was such an inspiration.  But the ONLY thing I don’t like about then is that they are extremely thin and they can get bend of torn easily so they have to be well taken care of and not used to often but they are really nice cards.

I also got my Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards-Those are so awesome.  I did a three card readings and they felt right I got a good message from the angels.  I really enjoyed those.  The cards are big and glossy.  They are nice.
The Complete Book to Tarot Spreads-It’s okay, a lot of jabber, and some things I already know, but they got a few nice spreads in there, some I already seen.  However, it is an okay book to have, not my best book but it is still good to have.

The other things Ill receive today and tell you what I think of those.

Ok so I got these today

Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)-Very Beautiful Card, I haven’t used them yet to see if they work for me but they sure are beautiful to look at.

Oracle of Shadows & Light-Omgosh!  These are so ADORABLE W/ A emo twist it is like Precious Moments meets emo.  They are very Beautiful/Artistic/colorful cards.  HOWEVER, the deviation of it is more for a teen then an adult.  Therefore, I ended up giving it to my 13 yr. old daughter.  She’s into that Emo phase right now and liked them before I even got them (she saw them online) so She was so excited I gave them to her and she’s already done a spread and did a reading on her 12 yr. old sister (which Btw was accurate) She even says that she feels the energy in the cards.  Therefore, I am so happy to give her, her first oracle cards.

Here are some Photos I took of her using them:

The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything you need to know from start to finish-This is an awesome book it is more of a workbook then anything, with a whole lot exercises and practices to do.  I am trying to get a workbook group together to work together with this book might be fun.

Power Tarot:  100 Spreads-This is really cookbook has a few things to help you with the cards and the spreads are nice too.

The Arthurian tarot Deck-This is nice deck but I find it kind of had to do a reading, I guess it’ll take time to get use too
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July 3, 2010

What is Spiritualism?

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What is Spiritualism? I get this questions asked almost everyday. When someone asked what religion do I follow I always say I'm a spiritualist and a lot of times they are very confused. So I found a article that explains what Spiritualism is. Hopefully this will help you better understand about what Spiritualism is. 

SNU Spiritualism

Spiritualism is a religion that gives an understanding of God and encourages us to act with a high sense of duty towards others. Spiritualism stimulates spiritual growth and prepares us for eternal existence in the spirit-world.

Spiritualism is a science because it is based upon proven facts that can be demonstrated and scientifically classified. Spiritualism is the science of life as it encourages the search for truth in every department of existence, in nature and in human psychology.

Spiritualism is a philosophy that attempts to understand people, their physical, intellectual, moral, and spiritual being. As Spirit is the moving force of the Universe, so Spiritualist philosophy embraces the whole realm of nature.
These words are based upon a chapter entitled 'The Nature of Spiritualism.'
from the Spiritualists' Lyceum Manual

Philosophy Spiritualism - The Seven Principles

Spiritualism does not dictate what to believe or how to interpret religious philosophy, there are no books or preachers whose word must be obeyed. The philosophy of SNU Spiritualism is founded upon Seven fundamental Principles and Spiritualists can interpret them as they think best.

1. The Fatherhood of God
By the study of Nature, by personal experience and from the wisdom given to us from those in the spirit-world we recognise that there is a creative force in the universe. This force created the whole universe and life itself in its many forms. This 'Creative Force' manifests in all things and as we are part of the Life created by God, we acknowledge God as our Father.

2. The Brotherhood of Man
We are all part of the universal creative force, one large human family in God. Spiritualists try to understand the needs of others and aim to help all people materially, emotionally, and spiritually.

3. Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
Spiritualism aims to prove that there is life after death and encourages the development of mediums who are able to communicate with the many loved relatives and friends in the spirit world. There are people in the spirit world who are dedicated to the welfare and service of mankind, some bring inspiration and guidance whilst others help with healing.

4. Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
Spirit is part of the 'Creative Force' and indestructible. After death the spirit continues in a different dimension, that we call the 'spirit world'. In the spirit world we have a spirit body which, until we progress far enough, is a replica of our earthly body. We have the same personality and characteristics and we change and grow, as we would on earth, by experience and as result of our own efforts.

5. Personal Responsibility
Responsibility for wrongful thoughts and actions, in every aspect of life, lies with the individual. No other person or influence can put right our wrong doings. No one can interfere with our spiritual development unless we allow this.

6. Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth
Spiritualists believe that this sixth Principle is a natural law and has been expressed by others as, 'as you sow, so shall you reap'. If someone is cruel and vindictive towards others then in some way retribution will follow, if someone gives love and kindness then compensation follows. This law operates now, on earth as well as in the spirit world.

7. Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul
All who want to walk the path that leads to perfection are able to progress in mental and spiritual understanding. By doing our best in earth life and by following our inward intuitions we shall find progress comes on earth and in spirit.

The concepts and original wording for the Principles came through the mediumship of Emma Hardinge Britten who was a Spiritualist medium and great speaker on Spiritualism's philosophy.
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