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July 20, 2010

July 20th another day another time

morning: Well this morning I ended up waking up about 8:30am wishing I could of slept in but my luck the kids had me going first thing. Good thing I had dinner already prepared in the crockpot the night before that saved a lot of time. So not much else for the morning routine.I Oh before I go wanted to show the yummy runs and broccoli we had for dinner.

AFTERNOON : well not much else for the afternoon ether but sweat to death and clean up a little one thing about the heat is that the kids hate moving around.... well sometimes lol... check back in with you tonight.

Evening : well Jorge came home early and dinner was done and we had a nice dinner. I just took a shower and now I'm relaxing with Jorge. I am sitting here blogging on my cell gotta love android blogger for their handy dandy blogger app. Lol so let's see nothing else going on tonight really boring tonight so check in tomorrow.

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Posted via Blogaway via my cell

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