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July 13, 2010

Daughter Left For Camp Today

Well my Oldest daughter left yesterday for Camp with her BFF. She has been looking forward to going to camp with her BFF for so long. A few weeks ago she spent the night over at their house to have a garage sell to earn money to go to camp. It was really nice of her friends parents to pay for the camp this week. They Just Love her to death.

So shes been gone since Sunday, and here shes been gone before from home but this time it seems like Im taking it hard. I miss her very much shes a really cool kid. Just miss her guess Im having one of those emotional days.

So anyway, I think I maybe coming down with something, I woke up yesterday morning with a headache and body aches. So I pushed threw it most of the day, and I actually went to bed really early then usual. But ended up waking up at 3am and I have a fever. So I hope it goes away by 6 am. But anyways Just wanted to come in an update you all.

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