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March 17, 2010

This Sickness

Wow thought this flu was over with but nope My oldest ended up with it too. Uhg hate it

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March 16, 2010

Past few weeks and Elis Birthday

Boys its been a busy few weeks with Birthdays back to back, To busy and now Easter is coming and trying to stack up on the Easter stuff if I can keep them in stock because candy seems to disappear and wont last till Easter so Im going to keep it at my moms house until we work on their Easter baskets.

We Had Eli's Birthday Party yesterday We ended up having it late ( I know but things got so busy) I let the kids decorate the cake wasn't anything big but he was happy. Im hoping to take them to the movies to Alice in Wonder Land Tomorrow weve been trying to go for 2 weeks but things kept coming up one after another so im HOPING tomorrow. So Yea heres a few pictures of the cake i took that the kids did for him...Nothing big but he was happy and he enjoyed decorating it and plus we had sparkler candles that was fun too!

March 4, 2010

My daily Reading

Working on a new thing for my cards So heres my daily reading today

First card I got shows Discord and conflict within my daily life and I grow impatient everyday. Which is so true because Im always arguing with Jorge who gets on my nerves and doesnt see what the issues are at hand.

The Next card shows a Happy Conclusion to the problem and also the card means abilities I didnt know I had will start showing it self more around this time.

The next card shows that immaturity and emotions that I am having is really illrelevent to the problem and not helping it. and to use more of my logic and reasoning to fix the problem.

The next card shows Effort and hard work and growth. the card also shows that the issue is toward a dark completed person with dark hair and eyes and thats JORGE alright who is the problem, The Bonus card I pulled shows me even thou Im going thru all these issues that there will be end to the situation and it will be a change in my life as follows.

March 3, 2010

They Got the Hampster R.I.P 8(

Well Somehow the Cats figured out how to get to the hamster and we found her lifeless body on the kitchen floor. I felt so bad for the little rodent. She was such a sweetie and so cute. Jorge and I didnt want to make a huge deal over it when we found her so we hushed hushed and barried it before the kids woke up for school. So yea poor thing I still feel bad for it. Should of known something was going on last night Boots & Ziggy where overly Hyper last night kept me up off and on thru the night Geeez.

Made a New Tarot Deck "Osho Zen Deck"

Well I just printed it out and Cut it out. I love how they are so vibrant and so pretty and also I ran outta ink on the last few pages so they are not that vibrant but still advisable but I think its good enough to still use but anyways here is
a photo of them.

March 1, 2010

My Journal Binder & Tarot Cards

I wanted to share with you my Tarot Journal and Tarot Cards that I made. Its really simple to do and I loved doing it. It made learning Tarot more fun and with my Tarot cards have more energy in them then if I would of bought some at a Store. Here are a few photos Ive taken.

Heres the Tarot Cards I made. I printed them out (At the time I didnt have CardStock) SO I Printed them out on regular printer paper. Then later i bought some card stock and just tapped them to card stock..and then I used Clear Box tape and laminated the cards (This is if you dont want to spend money on those 10 sheets of laminate paper they are expensive but if you want to use that instead of the tape you can its up to you) Then After I had them "laminated with the tape" I cut them out. See they are not perfect and some parts got cropped off by the printer BUT I know what they are by writing the name of the card on the back. LOL i know sounds weird but it helps me.

This is my Journal These are pages I gathered together and printed out. The ones that are in protective plastic sleeves are Keywords i keep on hand for each card, I add to them as I go.
This one is Printed pages of The Cards themselfs the Story they tell of each card and also has some keywords and etc to them,

Once I gather all the things I need for learning I bought a Leather Journal book (dont have a photo yet) will get it up later but I will be adding what ive learned into my journal.

Ill add some sites that I printed off of. I also liked this one site that helps you with premade journaling sheets and Lessons. Pretty Cool eh?