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March 1, 2010

My Journal Binder & Tarot Cards

I wanted to share with you my Tarot Journal and Tarot Cards that I made. Its really simple to do and I loved doing it. It made learning Tarot more fun and with my Tarot cards have more energy in them then if I would of bought some at a Store. Here are a few photos Ive taken.

Heres the Tarot Cards I made. I printed them out (At the time I didnt have CardStock) SO I Printed them out on regular printer paper. Then later i bought some card stock and just tapped them to card stock..and then I used Clear Box tape and laminated the cards (This is if you dont want to spend money on those 10 sheets of laminate paper they are expensive but if you want to use that instead of the tape you can its up to you) Then After I had them "laminated with the tape" I cut them out. See they are not perfect and some parts got cropped off by the printer BUT I know what they are by writing the name of the card on the back. LOL i know sounds weird but it helps me.

This is my Journal These are pages I gathered together and printed out. The ones that are in protective plastic sleeves are Keywords i keep on hand for each card, I add to them as I go.
This one is Printed pages of The Cards themselfs the Story they tell of each card and also has some keywords and etc to them,

Once I gather all the things I need for learning I bought a Leather Journal book (dont have a photo yet) will get it up later but I will be adding what ive learned into my journal.

Ill add some sites that I printed off of. I also liked this one site that helps you with premade journaling sheets and Lessons. Pretty Cool eh?

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