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February 27, 2010

Tarot Lesson: The Fool

If you would like to do this Lesson along with me you may. Just print out this worksheet that Ive gotten from this website and its pretty self explanatory.

The Fool
Major Arcana

First Impression:
  • Happy,Carefree,
  • Not Caring about anything that's going on. 
  • Caught up in his own world. 
  • Dog seems to be warning him but he isn't listening.

Card Imagery:
  • Young Guy walking.Dog jumping on guy. 
  • Sun is bright. 
  • Moutines with snow peaks.
  • Guy walking close to cliffs.

  • Walking/Heading toward trouble
  • Caught up in his own Mind
  • Being to Lose not looking ahead
  • Free,To much freedom

  • Leaving Issues behind
  • New things
  • leap of faith
  • taking risks
  • Innocense
  • Not knowning

  • Walking into Trouble
  • Not using his head
  • Carelessness
  • immaturity
A new beginning is about t start anything that happened before will be the past and to start taking a chance at certain things and have alittle faith.

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