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February 27, 2010

My Tarot Journal/Lessons Saturday

Saturday February 27 2010

Planetary Spread

Im Feeling defensive and hard headed and Not tolerating anyone, not letting lose a little with the kids and Jorge.Feeling Down and Sad about things not going my way instead of worrying about my feelings instead of worrying about those around me. (Defensive:stubborn). Letting Go of my issues that I have and not holding onto feelings that are bad for me. I need To Stop holding onto guilt feeling bad because of the way Ive been treating others around me. Im also Going threw a low point in my life. (Letting go,Surrender,Loosen up).The Feelings of being Trapped in a Relationship, but I  must overcome the reason why I feel trapped/stuck and why there are problems, I need to find a solution to make things better and to know that the worst has passed.
Will overcome the problems and will be able to focus more on the goals I want to achieve and will be able to achieve..Soon My Feelings are starting to change if not already, feeling a little more positive and more optimistic . Will soon be able to see things a little more clearer then I was. Will be a little more happier then I was. But I need to remember to take what mistakes or problems  Ive had happened and use those as a tool or a guide to help myself. Learn by my mistakes and move on. Just don't hold back and or doubt myself. There will be a period of work not being finished or done at the time that I want and I may be at where I want things to be better then I have it already. But together with teamwork and better planning the goal can be accomplished. There can be a period of obstacles and times I'm not being myself and being what others want me or I think I should be.But remember that I do have the Inner knowledge to pull myself out of whatever Obstacle it is and bring up the hidden things that are bothering me. Learn to listen to myself.

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