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October 15, 2010

A Mothers Rant about Bullying

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Isn't it sad wherever you turn there is that Subject about bullying? There is more about it today then I was a kid. Yea there where a few bullies in my life but not to the point as there is today. I believe kids in my time got off a lot while bullying others and look what it created today. MORE BULLIES.

I am getting so tired of hearing of children dying because of these people who think its okay to make fun and harass another person. I’m not just talking about children here I’m talking everyone in general. There are adults to this day that still harass and bully other adults. I am ashamed of parents who do this and teach their children its okay to bully others. Even thou some parents do try to stop their kids from bullying but yet they bully other as well. Kids learn by your actions.

Bullies don’t think about what they are doing they only want to do it for their own pleasure. OR to really cover-up how horrible they feel about themselves. It’s not the ones who are being bullied. There is nothing wrong with them, just because they are smarter or like things others don’t like doesn’t make them stranger or dumb or lame. It makes then unique and intriguing and different. I know I would love to meet others who have different thoughts and like different things. I find them inspiring and knowledgeful. Who likes the same old boring things everyday who wants to be like everyone else? I know I wouldn’t.
These kids these days have totally crossed the lines as far as bullying but you know I in a way blame it on the parents. Yes Parents I blame you for allowing your kids to bully another. Discipline has left our thoughts and our schools. Many parents are too afraid to discipline their children. Most say afraid CPS will come knocking on their door to others looking down on them. You CANT REASON WITH A CHILD! They don’t understand nor do they grasp what you are saying. Kids learn by experience. Talking to them it goes in one ear out the other. I am not talking about spanking here or beating a child I am talking about consequences and punishment that will really hit them hard. Not a slap on a wrist. What will they learn?
What can we do to make these kids know it’s not okay to bully? Do we have to line them up on a wall and bully the crap out of them? Or do we just break out the big old paddle the principle use to use when we got in trouble? Or do we need to lock them up in Juvi for a few days to sort of break them from it. Maybe it will work maybe it wont. But what I’m trying to say this bully crap needs to stop. FOR ADULTS & KIDS

Adults, Yea you, the ones who always got to make a wise crack about someone to make your look big and bad and cool. To make others like you. Or you Drama mama’s who just love a good old stir. Just so you can get your kicks off like a druggie. How do you think you kids will act?
Will it feel good to get that call or find your child has hung or shot themselves because they where bullied? Or maybe you’re a parent of a bully. Bet you would defend your child and say “No he/she didn’t” because your child bullied another to the point they killed themselves. How will that make you feel? Would you have that on your conscious or …wait …do you care? Probably not if you’re a bully.

I know for one. I am a mother to 6 children. And my kids get bullied for many reasons. And I am to the point I am PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN TO BULLYING! I will NOT have my CHILD Kill themselves because of Bullying.
You will NOT take my child! You Will Not HURT MY CHILD! That will be the last thing I will let happen. If I have to be up at the school everyday. If I have to WATCH MY CHILD go to their class Or Come home EVERYDAY! I WILL! Go ahead and bring you parents into it...I will be sure to lock you and your parents up in jail in a matter of a heartbeat if you ever THINK ABOUT HURTING MY CHILD. Bullying is HARRASSMENT and it SHOULD BE against the LAW!
I will fight tooth and nail to make sure something is done about Bullying. It’s not a Kid thing to be shoved under a Rug. It’s SEROUS and our children dying it IS SEROUS!

Parents talk to your kids about bullying and why it’s not okay. Give Consequences .TEACH them from a young age that bullying it NOT OKAY. It starts with you parents. Oh and the Adults who Bully GROW UP!

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October 9, 2010


Hey everyone still around things have sorta hit Rock bottom here at home. So been trying to find some work catch you all back later sometime this week.