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December 16, 2010

Not so bad today

Three girls making a "sandman" at th...Image by State Library and Archives of Florida via FlickrToday hasn’t been that bad compared to the last couple days. Here in Florida we got down to 19* one morning then 22* the next its going up a little then it has been so that’s a good thing! Not that I hate the cold or anything I just hate freezing to the point I don’t want to move outta my snuggly warm Blanket. I think I wore my Lion slippers for 3 days straight. Yes even slept in them. Good thing I didn’t have to leave the house I probably still would of worn them. LOL Wouldn’t that be a site. But I don’t see why not. I see others wear their pajama’s to the store. I wouldn’t go THAT far but ah well.
So it has warmed up a little so I could ditch the Lion slippers and don’t have to wrap myself in a cocoon in my blanket. But its nice to have some cold weather because the summer was dreadfully hot.
I guess this is to expect this Christmas season. Plus My birthday is the day  before Christmas so THAT should be fun…hmm
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So Proud of Him

I can say that I'm so extremely proud of my 10 yr old son! He came home today with his report card with A's & B's and made the Honor Roll!!
He is so happy and proud. And to add more to that HES BEING PROMOTED TO THE NEXT GRADE!! WOW. So Yea I'm so happy for my Sweetie, He's worked so hard and deserves it.

Signing up for Help for the Holidays

FEMA - 42740 - Toys for Tots donation in Texas
Image via Wikipedia
So if your like a lot of people these days. Who are really hurting because of th economy. Heres a little advice. Take advantage of all and every help you can get. Yea that means swallowing your pride to. If you need help and you can get it TAKE IT!. I know with our issues at home and DH being laid off work things are very hard Around the time of the Holidays too.

We applied for just a bout every single thing out there and now we are getting help (slowly). DH finally got his unemployment but sad part is It doesn't pay ALL our bills; only the Mortgage & electric.

So I was sitting here thinking what am I going to do with 
Thanksgiving and Christmas comes a long? Well I applied for all that too. Wends. I'm going into a Catholic Charities to see if they can help with food boxes for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I also signed the kids up for Toys-4-Tots. So I hope there will be a few more programs out there that are taking applications.

SO maybe, JUST MAYBE the holidays wont be so bad this year after all.
QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Feel Free to comment
  • Have you ever had to sign up for programs to help you get by?
  • What programs did you go thru?
  • Any other programs in Florida you may know about?Si

Halloween Day

Well we had a very interesting Halloween. Myana-13 Ended up spending the Halloween day with her friend going to a thing called "Trunk-or-Treat" and she came home later that night to finish up treating with her brothers and sister.

  • Sebastian was Avatar from the Movie Avatar (not the air bender movies thou)
  • Jessica was a Emo Goth Girl something from Tokyo Hotel Band (don't ask)
  • Eli was Emo Zombie
  • Gabriel & Joshua where just regular Zombies

Me? Well....I was nothing. As soon as I was finished with Jessica's Hair and Make up I had an overwhelming hit of nausea and ended up being sick the rest of the night to the point I couldn't open my eyes,hear noise, or even smell. Yea that bad, It was horrible. I was over it 3 days later,

The Kids didn't get much candy as they usually do, Which was a bummer but hey least they got some and they paid me in chocolate..haha I love chocolate

November 7, 2010

Organize Your life..Favorite sites

So Lately I have been in this saving money organize phase lately where Im hunting and hunting for little ideas here and there to keep  my house organized, And to keep hubby from just throwing things everywhere especially in cabinets and drawers which drives me crazy!
I have found a few sites that where very interesting and just wanted to share them with you all.
I will come back and add more links when I find the ones I really like so these are the only ones i have for right now.

  • EHow-How to Make Cardboard boxes into a closet  organizer.  **This one I really like because I have tons of cardboard postal boxes and other cardboard boxes including cereal boxes to use. They are not only good for crafts but they are awesome with organizing everything. But I perfer to use them in ares with hardly any moisture. Basements i wouldnt recommend using them and other places where it can catch meldew or where there is flooding and etc.**
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Oh How I wanna Bake!!

Hello Kitty Birthday cakeImage by c.r.avery via Flickr
Ok heres just a silly little post I wanted to write. Short and Simple..
So I have been having this dream lately to actually bake something. I don’t mean any food I’m talking about baking a cake or cupcakes or etc. Why can’t I just do it? Well my oven haven literally gone to crap. So there is no baking cake for me anytime soon until I buy a new oven. *sigh*

I have been in this baking fetish for a while now and I know once I can get into it Ill be good. I even joined groups on cafemom to sort of feed my fetish a little more since I can’t do it myself. NOW I joined CakeCenteral.com and I have just literally over the top as a druggie want to bake and decorate a beautiful cake!!! Maybe I should take a break for awhile from any pictures, topics and sites. *sigh* BUT I LOVE BAKING AND I LOVE CAKES/CUPCAKES and etc.
Ok enough of my silly little post about my cake fetish. Hahah

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I give 5 Stars for Study Flash App

So I was searching for a app on my iPod to help my kids with their Vocabulary words, I kept running into ABC Flash Cards that where already made, But I was actually looking for ones I could make from scratch using my iPod.. I came across this app on I tunes and downloaded it and tried it out with my sons Vocabulary Words he has to learn for Kindergarten. I LOVE IT! Its Easy to use and simple to make your own personal Flash cards. You can use front and back of the cards. I ended up putting all his Vocab Site words on it and whenever we are out or want to just study them he just swipes his figure's over the cards to move on the the next.
Also whats cool about it. At the Bottom Corner there is a check mark where you can just tap and it checks with a green circle check you can do this if your child got it right or wrong and when your finished with the cards you can go back and re due all the ones you checked or didn't check and study those words. I thought that was awesome.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Study Flash

Studying for an exam? The SATs? Study Flash can help! Create multiple card sets and fill them with flash cards. Quiz yourself with one or all of your card sets from wherever you are, whenever you have a free minute.


  • Mark cards as checked, then view a slide show of only checked/unchecked cards.
  • Finally, import/export support! Backup your cards to your computer or email so they will never be lost. Plus, share them with friends!
  • Option to flip the cards over, making the front the back.
  • Different background color options.
  • Landscape orientation support for all screens.
  • Shuffle the cards in a set.
pe orientation support for all screens.

  • Shuffle the cards in a set.
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Artificial Nails

Artificial NailsImage via WikipediaHow many moms out there actually go get their nails done at the Salon? I had mine done a few weeks ago for job purposes cause my hands are just so ugly because my nails are brittle and they just break off so I have these ugly little stubby fingers and working I work with Patience and I use to be embarrassed by my nails and hands.

Anyway, They where very pretty for a while and I was happy to have them, But now its time for me to have them redone. But truthfully I'm thinking about just pulling them off. Why? Well because one of my Hobbies is BLOGGING and they feel so long that I CANNOT HARDLY TYPE!! UGH So yea I'm sitting here debating if I should just suck it up and deal with my ugly finger's or deal with millions of typos in a minute. Its quit annoying but they are pretty, *sigh*

How many of you have this problem? 
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Our Halloween Night

Jack-o-laternImage via Wikipedia
Happy Halloween Buuhahaha
The Kids had a Great Time on Halloween. Myana ended up spending Halloween with her BFF but came home that night,
So we had only 5 kids for that night.

Sebastian was Avatar from the Movie Avatar (not the air bender movies thou)

Jessica was a Emo Goth Girl something from Tokyo Hotel Band (don't ask)
Eli was Emo Zombie
Gabriel & Joshua where just regular Zombies

Me? Well....I was nothing. As soon as I was finished with Jessica's Hair and Make up I had an overwhelming hit of nausea and ended up being sick the rest of the night to the point I couldn't open my eyes,hear noise, or even smell. Yea that bad, It was horrible. I was over it 3 days later,

The Kids didn't get much candy as they usually do, Which was a bummer but hey least they got some and they paid me in chocolate..haha I love chocolate.

Ill Have to get the other pictures off of Bluetooth and upload to here later or Gabriel and alll 5 together. This is all I have for right now.
Sebastian & Joshua
Jessica & Eli
Eli & Jessica

October 15, 2010

A Mothers Rant about Bullying

Bullying on IRFE as of March 5, 2007 (the firs...Image via Wikipedia
Isn't it sad wherever you turn there is that Subject about bullying? There is more about it today then I was a kid. Yea there where a few bullies in my life but not to the point as there is today. I believe kids in my time got off a lot while bullying others and look what it created today. MORE BULLIES.

I am getting so tired of hearing of children dying because of these people who think its okay to make fun and harass another person. I’m not just talking about children here I’m talking everyone in general. There are adults to this day that still harass and bully other adults. I am ashamed of parents who do this and teach their children its okay to bully others. Even thou some parents do try to stop their kids from bullying but yet they bully other as well. Kids learn by your actions.

Bullies don’t think about what they are doing they only want to do it for their own pleasure. OR to really cover-up how horrible they feel about themselves. It’s not the ones who are being bullied. There is nothing wrong with them, just because they are smarter or like things others don’t like doesn’t make them stranger or dumb or lame. It makes then unique and intriguing and different. I know I would love to meet others who have different thoughts and like different things. I find them inspiring and knowledgeful. Who likes the same old boring things everyday who wants to be like everyone else? I know I wouldn’t.
These kids these days have totally crossed the lines as far as bullying but you know I in a way blame it on the parents. Yes Parents I blame you for allowing your kids to bully another. Discipline has left our thoughts and our schools. Many parents are too afraid to discipline their children. Most say afraid CPS will come knocking on their door to others looking down on them. You CANT REASON WITH A CHILD! They don’t understand nor do they grasp what you are saying. Kids learn by experience. Talking to them it goes in one ear out the other. I am not talking about spanking here or beating a child I am talking about consequences and punishment that will really hit them hard. Not a slap on a wrist. What will they learn?
What can we do to make these kids know it’s not okay to bully? Do we have to line them up on a wall and bully the crap out of them? Or do we just break out the big old paddle the principle use to use when we got in trouble? Or do we need to lock them up in Juvi for a few days to sort of break them from it. Maybe it will work maybe it wont. But what I’m trying to say this bully crap needs to stop. FOR ADULTS & KIDS

Adults, Yea you, the ones who always got to make a wise crack about someone to make your look big and bad and cool. To make others like you. Or you Drama mama’s who just love a good old stir. Just so you can get your kicks off like a druggie. How do you think you kids will act?
Will it feel good to get that call or find your child has hung or shot themselves because they where bullied? Or maybe you’re a parent of a bully. Bet you would defend your child and say “No he/she didn’t” because your child bullied another to the point they killed themselves. How will that make you feel? Would you have that on your conscious or …wait …do you care? Probably not if you’re a bully.

I know for one. I am a mother to 6 children. And my kids get bullied for many reasons. And I am to the point I am PUTTING MY FOOT DOWN TO BULLYING! I will NOT have my CHILD Kill themselves because of Bullying.
You will NOT take my child! You Will Not HURT MY CHILD! That will be the last thing I will let happen. If I have to be up at the school everyday. If I have to WATCH MY CHILD go to their class Or Come home EVERYDAY! I WILL! Go ahead and bring you parents into it...I will be sure to lock you and your parents up in jail in a matter of a heartbeat if you ever THINK ABOUT HURTING MY CHILD. Bullying is HARRASSMENT and it SHOULD BE against the LAW!
I will fight tooth and nail to make sure something is done about Bullying. It’s not a Kid thing to be shoved under a Rug. It’s SEROUS and our children dying it IS SEROUS!

Parents talk to your kids about bullying and why it’s not okay. Give Consequences .TEACH them from a young age that bullying it NOT OKAY. It starts with you parents. Oh and the Adults who Bully GROW UP!

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October 9, 2010


Hey everyone still around things have sorta hit Rock bottom here at home. So been trying to find some work catch you all back later sometime this week.

September 12, 2010

Happy Weekend

Hi Everyone, Sorry it is taken me so long to get back with you.  It has been a little crazy around here with the weekend and extra stress and all.  

Well my husband has not lost his job yet but there is rumors going around (that he is heard from other employees) they are thinking about letting a few people go and replacing them with cheaper contracted people.  This is not fair at all.  So yea that a rumor and Hubby is worried so he is still putting in applications now just in case.  Other than that, things have been okay.

I did have issues again for the sixth time with my T-Mobile Moto blur Cliq cell Touch Screen Phone.  I was so tired of the issues and waiting for them to send me a new one repeatedly so I just went ahead and upgraded to another phone.  (Actually, I feel like I downgraded to be honest)  I got a BlackBerry Curve White 8520 it’s a pretty phone don’t get me wrong But it’s just so plastic it sort of reminds me of my child’s toy phone but eh I guess I’ll get used to it after a while.  However, it is pretty.

So let us see then today Hubby was off work and I cooked Steaks for everyone (that cost me a lot) but it was worth it.  We had Mac-n-Cheese & Green beans with Turkey Bacon (we do not eat pork) and seasonings and we had an ice-cream party after.  With a whole lotta ice cream and sprinkles, Cherry’s, Nuts & THE WORKS.  It was great. 

We are letting the kids stay up a little tonight to watch a movie and play video games and then Right to bed we go.  Well the smallest already fell asleep about nine so jus the older ones are awake still but its okay it is the weekend.  Well anyways just wanting to drop in to post and I hope you and your family are having a wonderful weekend.

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September 8, 2010

Bad Few Days

will work for foodImage by twicepix via Flickr
Hi, everyone sorry I have not written in a few days.  It has been sort of going not so good around here lately.  My Husband maybe being laid off work (Praying he will not) but it does not look good.  They are finding anyways to get rid of people to cut back on pay and jobs. 
They want to get rid of my husband because his raise is coming up and instead of paying him more; they want to pay the maintenance person to do the floor for the same price they are paying him now.  Therefore, that is good for the other person but bad for my person.  My husband was so upset and thought it was very unfair then they wanted him to sign a paper and he refused he said he needed time to read the paper and they said no if you don’t sign it now we will suspended you for 2 days and that’s what they did. 

THEREFORE, we are worried he will not have a job by tomorrow when he goes back to work.  (Sigh)  I am very scared because I so do not want him to be without a job with our big family and bills.  So in-between that I have been job hunting and being rejected from left to right.  I even applied at Macy’s and they said they did not have any positions for my skills and experience.  Therefore, I am much bummed that I cannot even get a simple job.  Either I am to under qualified or I am over qualified.  I do not know what else to do.  I am trying to find something as a backup in case he is let go.  So yea, that has been my life the last few days.  It has been so terrible.

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September 6, 2010

CHAOS On Labor Day...

As if today can get any, worse…yes I said worse…what is worse?  My Kids not being in school and my quiet time during the week has been lost in the midst of loud noises of boy’s rowdiness.  (The Love of motherhood).  Despite wanting to pull my hair out at this point, do to boys jumping around, screaming and playing Army soldiers.  I am finding my solitude in my blog.  Yes, I love blogging it is the only piece of mind I can get and actually, the ONLY thing I can seem to talk to at this point.  The only thing close to a human.  (Wait brb Joshua is fussing)….geez Gabriel is tormenting poor Joshua.  Why do brothers just love to tease their little brothers for entertainment purposes?  I have no idea.  See I am an only child and it is so hard for me to understand why siblings do what they do.

Anyway, yes today is Labor Day.  Not a Fun day for me at all...  (Wait Sebastian is calling brb).  This never ends anyway, I was trying to decide what the children and I were going to do today, but it looks like it is going to rain so no a lot of outside activities today.  I was actually unprepared for this school holiday.
 I actually remembered they did not have school today after waking up at five and turning off my alarm clock.  Talk about Bummed.  I did not even get to sleep in after I turned the alarm off.  Four of the six children where awake and I mean fully awake and I had to drag my poor sleepy butt outta bed and attend to them all morning just to energize them with breakfast and lunch.  Fun Fun.
Don’t you just wish there was like this off switch you can just turn kids off.  Or better yet a program where you can program them to be such sweet children who do not yell, argue and sit there and be nice to each other?  Oh yea well outta my dream world Heather.  So yea, that has been my day.  Wild, Bored children with no life but to drive their mother crazy.  Fun Fun.  Next time I need to be more prepared for the No School Days home alone with the kids. Ok things are quiet now so I will go see what they are into.
Blog You later…

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A New Blogspot Templete Im working on

Isn't  it cute?! I should have it finished by later today. I have to get all the coding done and stuff and it should be ready. So Stayed Tuned

 Remember all My Blog Templates are NON COMMERCIAL USE! MUST BE PERSONAL USE ONLY!
The Blog Templates are Free of Charge to you.
Kits Name: RumbleintheJungle

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My "Stages of Change" reading

So I was reading thru my book and came across a Layout called "Stages of Change" and decided to do a reading and this is what I got.

 This is Over and done with
My past plans & Abilities are now in the past it’s time to move on to new and better things in my life.

This is over but the effects still lingers on
Dealing with others Shallowness, Non-understanding, and others who are just plan ignorant.  Let it go.

This is where I am heading
I am headed for a more Awakening, Renewal, and Rebirth in mind and in spirit.

This is what I expect
I am expecting to be more envious of others life and accomplishments.  However, this is only in my head not how I will or want to be.  I want to do more with my life.

This is what I am supposed to learn right now
Learning by doing, learn by my mistakes do not give up.

Advice Card
do not believe all that you are told and trust ultimately only on your inner guiding light and your feelings
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Topic Challenge Favorite Quotes

Human being asking Universe...Image by CLUC via Flickr
Wow, I am behind again on the Challenges (eek) Ok so here we go.  This post challenge is for “My Favorite Quotes” which btw is a very big favorite of mine.  Why?  Because there are so MANY Quotes out there that I love and I could list maybe a few hundred here but I don’t want to make you go blind by reading all of them so I will just post 4 here.

  • “Just because you can't see the air, doesn’t mean you stop breathing, and just because you can't see God, Doesn't mean you stop believing!”

  • “  Live simply.  Love generously.  Care deeply.  Speak kindly.  Leave the rest to God.”

  • “  People will forget what you said, People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

  • “  You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.  You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.

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My Card Reading for Today

2010/09/06Image by 壞天使 via FlickrI have been sort of out of it the last few weeks trying to get back into my card readings. But I haven't really had the inspiration or anything to do one. Its just been on major spiritual blockage. So I decided to use one of my new deck of Tarot Cards so here is today's reading.
So I went ahead and did a Tarot Layout called the "Gypsy Magic Spell" which I don't know why its called that since it doesn't really have anything to do with spells/magic so I dunno who knows. Anyway Here is my results...

This is I...
This card is showing that I have Courage & will power

This is my Defense. 
This card shows that my defense is my Boldness, creativity, Inspiration, Strength and outgoingness is my strongest defense.

This is what I am afraid of? 
This card shows me that my fear of being alienated from my own passions, and desires.  Not being able to fulfill what I want to do and what I desire to accomplish. 

This is what drives me? 
This card shows me that my Strength & Courage keeps me going and helps me to overcome any obstacle that I face.
This is what I am left with?
After this, I am left with more Appreciation, more Peace, and Harmony in Life.

This is what the future will bring? 
If I follow what is good for me and make the right decisions in my life right now, I will have more Joy, Peace, within my Family & Love of those around me.

This is what brings me back to the ground?  H
This card shows that this could bring me down again....Poor progress in something I want to do , anxiety, impatience.
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