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March 16, 2010

Past few weeks and Elis Birthday

Boys its been a busy few weeks with Birthdays back to back, To busy and now Easter is coming and trying to stack up on the Easter stuff if I can keep them in stock because candy seems to disappear and wont last till Easter so Im going to keep it at my moms house until we work on their Easter baskets.

We Had Eli's Birthday Party yesterday We ended up having it late ( I know but things got so busy) I let the kids decorate the cake wasn't anything big but he was happy. Im hoping to take them to the movies to Alice in Wonder Land Tomorrow weve been trying to go for 2 weeks but things kept coming up one after another so im HOPING tomorrow. So Yea heres a few pictures of the cake i took that the kids did for him...Nothing big but he was happy and he enjoyed decorating it and plus we had sparkler candles that was fun too!

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