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July 5, 2010

My Amazon Orders

Well I have had the Birthday money my uncle send me like back in December and I just did not know what to get with it UNTIL NOW!
I was hunting thru Amazon AGAIN!  In addition, found a few things I ordered today WOOOT could not wait to get them.  SQUEALS.  Some are Tarot Decks, I think I have two Oracle Decks and a few tarot books and a Tarot Magic Book so that would be FUN to look at too...  WOOT!  Cannot wait...
Here’s what I got: 

  • Complete Book to Tarot Spreads
  • Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
  • Osho Zen Tarot

  • Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)
  • Oracle of Shadows & Light
  • The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything you  need to know from start to finish
  • Power Tarot:100 Spreads
  • The Arthurian tarot Deck

  • Tarot Spells
  • Paulina Tarot

Okay here’s are some reviews of the items I bought:
So I got my Osho Zen Deck yesterday.  I love it, it is beautiful, colorful, and the cards speak to me.  They are similar to the regular tarot cards in away by name but the name is a little different like the Rainbows are Pentacles etc. etc.  I really love them and already used them they have given me such already needed spiritual insight its crazy...One point I even had tears in my eyes it was such an inspiration.  But the ONLY thing I don’t like about then is that they are extremely thin and they can get bend of torn easily so they have to be well taken care of and not used to often but they are really nice cards.

I also got my Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards-Those are so awesome.  I did a three card readings and they felt right I got a good message from the angels.  I really enjoyed those.  The cards are big and glossy.  They are nice.
The Complete Book to Tarot Spreads-It’s okay, a lot of jabber, and some things I already know, but they got a few nice spreads in there, some I already seen.  However, it is an okay book to have, not my best book but it is still good to have.

The other things Ill receive today and tell you what I think of those.

Ok so I got these today

Mystic Dreamer Tarot (Book & Cards)-Very Beautiful Card, I haven’t used them yet to see if they work for me but they sure are beautiful to look at.

Oracle of Shadows & Light-Omgosh!  These are so ADORABLE W/ A emo twist it is like Precious Moments meets emo.  They are very Beautiful/Artistic/colorful cards.  HOWEVER, the deviation of it is more for a teen then an adult.  Therefore, I ended up giving it to my 13 yr. old daughter.  She’s into that Emo phase right now and liked them before I even got them (she saw them online) so She was so excited I gave them to her and she’s already done a spread and did a reading on her 12 yr. old sister (which Btw was accurate) She even says that she feels the energy in the cards.  Therefore, I am so happy to give her, her first oracle cards.

Here are some Photos I took of her using them:

The Complete Tarot Reader: Everything you need to know from start to finish-This is an awesome book it is more of a workbook then anything, with a whole lot exercises and practices to do.  I am trying to get a workbook group together to work together with this book might be fun.

Power Tarot:  100 Spreads-This is really cookbook has a few things to help you with the cards and the spreads are nice too.

The Arthurian tarot Deck-This is nice deck but I find it kind of had to do a reading, I guess it’ll take time to get use too
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