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December 16, 2010

Signing up for Help for the Holidays

FEMA - 42740 - Toys for Tots donation in Texas
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So if your like a lot of people these days. Who are really hurting because of th economy. Heres a little advice. Take advantage of all and every help you can get. Yea that means swallowing your pride to. If you need help and you can get it TAKE IT!. I know with our issues at home and DH being laid off work things are very hard Around the time of the Holidays too.

We applied for just a bout every single thing out there and now we are getting help (slowly). DH finally got his unemployment but sad part is It doesn't pay ALL our bills; only the Mortgage & electric.

So I was sitting here thinking what am I going to do with 
Thanksgiving and Christmas comes a long? Well I applied for all that too. Wends. I'm going into a Catholic Charities to see if they can help with food boxes for Thanksgiving AND Christmas. I also signed the kids up for Toys-4-Tots. So I hope there will be a few more programs out there that are taking applications.

SO maybe, JUST MAYBE the holidays wont be so bad this year after all.
QUESTIONS FOR YOU: Feel Free to comment
  • Have you ever had to sign up for programs to help you get by?
  • What programs did you go thru?
  • Any other programs in Florida you may know about?Si

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