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November 7, 2010

Oh How I wanna Bake!!

Hello Kitty Birthday cakeImage by c.r.avery via Flickr
Ok heres just a silly little post I wanted to write. Short and Simple..
So I have been having this dream lately to actually bake something. I don’t mean any food I’m talking about baking a cake or cupcakes or etc. Why can’t I just do it? Well my oven haven literally gone to crap. So there is no baking cake for me anytime soon until I buy a new oven. *sigh*

I have been in this baking fetish for a while now and I know once I can get into it Ill be good. I even joined groups on cafemom to sort of feed my fetish a little more since I can’t do it myself. NOW I joined CakeCenteral.com and I have just literally over the top as a druggie want to bake and decorate a beautiful cake!!! Maybe I should take a break for awhile from any pictures, topics and sites. *sigh* BUT I LOVE BAKING AND I LOVE CAKES/CUPCAKES and etc.
Ok enough of my silly little post about my cake fetish. Hahah

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