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November 7, 2010

I give 5 Stars for Study Flash App

So I was searching for a app on my iPod to help my kids with their Vocabulary words, I kept running into ABC Flash Cards that where already made, But I was actually looking for ones I could make from scratch using my iPod.. I came across this app on I tunes and downloaded it and tried it out with my sons Vocabulary Words he has to learn for Kindergarten. I LOVE IT! Its Easy to use and simple to make your own personal Flash cards. You can use front and back of the cards. I ended up putting all his Vocab Site words on it and whenever we are out or want to just study them he just swipes his figure's over the cards to move on the the next.
Also whats cool about it. At the Bottom Corner there is a check mark where you can just tap and it checks with a green circle check you can do this if your child got it right or wrong and when your finished with the cards you can go back and re due all the ones you checked or didn't check and study those words. I thought that was awesome.

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Study Flash

Studying for an exam? The SATs? Study Flash can help! Create multiple card sets and fill them with flash cards. Quiz yourself with one or all of your card sets from wherever you are, whenever you have a free minute.


  • Mark cards as checked, then view a slide show of only checked/unchecked cards.
  • Finally, import/export support! Backup your cards to your computer or email so they will never be lost. Plus, share them with friends!
  • Option to flip the cards over, making the front the back.
  • Different background color options.
  • Landscape orientation support for all screens.
  • Shuffle the cards in a set.
pe orientation support for all screens.

  • Shuffle the cards in a set.
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