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November 7, 2010

Artificial Nails

Artificial NailsImage via WikipediaHow many moms out there actually go get their nails done at the Salon? I had mine done a few weeks ago for job purposes cause my hands are just so ugly because my nails are brittle and they just break off so I have these ugly little stubby fingers and working I work with Patience and I use to be embarrassed by my nails and hands.

Anyway, They where very pretty for a while and I was happy to have them, But now its time for me to have them redone. But truthfully I'm thinking about just pulling them off. Why? Well because one of my Hobbies is BLOGGING and they feel so long that I CANNOT HARDLY TYPE!! UGH So yea I'm sitting here debating if I should just suck it up and deal with my ugly finger's or deal with millions of typos in a minute. Its quit annoying but they are pretty, *sigh*

How many of you have this problem? 
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