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August 29, 2010

My School Weekly Schedule

I know there are a few Moms out there who are wondering what a schedule is like with a whole lot kids. Well let me say its not really any different then those with a few kids. Now that the kids are in school full time I have a little more me time then I did from the summer.  I’m still in the process of working on the schedule but so far this is what I have.  I will occasionally go over it and see what I can add and what I can take out. But for now this is what I have.  If you like to make your own schedule by using mine as a guideline go ahead.

I also use Outlook Office 2010 for a calendar so I can see what I have to do and etc.
Here is an Example of My Outlook Calendar.
 I also use Cozi.com that I’ve used for years also. Here is an Example of Cozi.

SO Here is My School Weekly Schedule

5:00am:  SLEEP zzzz

5:30am :Wake Up 
               Brush teeth 
               Get Coffee 
              Throw a Load of Cloths in Wash 
              Fold Cloths from Dryer
6:00 am: Wake Kids for School 
               Jessica in Shower first then the boys 
               Brush Teeth 
               Brush Hair

6:30am: Dress into School Uniform 
6:55am: Kids put on Backpacks/Folders and/or Jackets On

7:05 am: Get them out the Door before 7:30 to eat breakfast @ school
                 Wake Up Myana for shower & dress

7:40 am: Clean up from Morning Routine 
                 *Clean Shower/Kitchen*

7:50 am: Check Emails & Online

8:00am: Myana out the door to catch bus

8:15 am: Fold Laundry/Add Another load

8:31 am: Make me breakfast & Clean up After Breakfast 

8:52 am: Daily Chore
                *Sweep Floors & Wipe counters *
                *Feed Cats/Dog & Clean Litter Box*
                *Light Mop*

9:08 am: Start Weekly/Monthly Cleaning 

10:00 am: Shower for Me 

10:20 am: Dress

10:45 am: Get a light snack 

11:00 am: Check Emails/Online 

12:15 pm: Lunch & after school prep

12:25 pm: Chore-Clean up kitche

12:30 pm: Eat lunch 

1:00 pm: Clean up from Lunch 

1:30 pm: Put laundry away

2:00 pm: Get Dining Table ready for Homework 
                 *Take Out Homework Box*

2:15 pm: Take Out Hamper for kids to throw their School cloths in 

2:20 pm: Get their play cloths/Shoes out to change into 

2:36 pm: Get kids after School Snacks Ready 

2:40-3:00 Pm  Room Rescue-Pick up/Wipe down/sweep

3:15 pm: Kids change out of uniforms into play cloths 

3:20 pm: Folders & Home work On dining table

3:30 pm: Kids eat snack outsid

4:00 pm: Home Work Time 
               *Play Time When Done

5:00 pm: Dinner Prep 

6:00 pm: Kids get Cleaned up For Dinner

6:20 pm: Dinner table set 

6:35 pm: Dinner Time

7:00 pm: Dessert

7:35 pm: Clean up from Dinner 

8:45 pm: Kids Dress in to Pj’s

8:55 pm: Brush Their Hair 
               Brush their Teeth 

9:00 pm: Get School Stuff Ready for Next Morning

9:25 pm: Kids in Bed 

9:45 pm: Finish Washing Dishes 

10:15 pm: Wipe Table & Chairs 

10:25 pm: Sweep floor

10:35 pm: Brush teeth

10:45 pm: Dress in PJ’s

11:00 pm: Bed time for me

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