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August 30, 2010

A very down day for me

I am not sure if it is because I did not sleep much last night or because of the fall I had this morning (I hurt my knee, toe & Arm). Whatever the reason is why I feel this way it really ***SUCKS! ***. I did not sleep much last night due to having terrible heartburn that would not go away for anything that I gulped down. If I were not already prepared for the morning, the kids would have been late for school (Thank goodness for preparation).

I finally have all the kids out the door and one more going so then a house to myself and to be honest I really DO NOT feel like doing anything today. I feel somewhat depressed today for some reason. Am I allowed to feel this way? *sigh*

With only an hour sleep, I hope so. Therefore, the last child has left for school and I am going to go turn off the TV. I Skip My Morning Coffee and just go right back to bed. This is our secret. Just do not tell hubby because I will not hear the end of it. Nevertheless, I am just having one of those days where I want nothing more than to just sleep. Therefore, with that said, I am going back to bed at 8am and I will not get up to the afternoon (I hope; if my phone does not keep ringing). Dinner is already cooking in the crockpot, I have NO Cleaning details today except the basics, I am good to go, and BACK to bed, I go. So Blog you later
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