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August 30, 2010

Kids Never Listen

Kids are so strange. They know if something is going to hurt them but they continue to do it anyway. Like today, my two boys (9 & 7) where roughhousing on my bed and I said, “Boys stop jumping and playing ruff, someone going to get hurt”. Before I could get up and get them off the bed, (not even two seconds later) I hear a scream (Eli who has the loudest mouth for such a cute little thing) started crying. As I got up and went over to the bed I Learned, that Gabriel had 
kicked him in the nose with his knee (not on purpose) but still.
Why don’t kids listen to us? I remember the good old day when you did not listen to your parents you better go, run, and hide before Mama Starts swinging with the belt. I guess not all parents were like this but my mom was.

I myself do not believe in spanking my children, not that I find anything horribly wrong what my mom did or anyone else who spanks their children. I just prefer not to because for my family; it does not work. However, if you are reading this and you do and it works. GOOD. There is always a difference between beating your child and a good swat on the butt. HOWEVER, I do not do it because it just does not work for my kids. I am not sure if it is because kids are more “Strong minded” in a sense. But then again this is just my opinion on why I do not do it and what I think about it. Many people have many reasons why or why they do not spank; this is mine. So do what works for you.
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Remember these puppies? I remember when I was in grade school my Principle had one and I remember needing a few swats on the booty. I can say it wasn't very pleasant which isn't meant to be I know But I never was sent to the office again. So is spanking a bad thing? Or just a constant reminder not to do bad cause wed get a nice but whoop. Is it about putting that small amount of fear in your little heads so remind us that if we mess up there will be consequences? How does time out really effect our kids long term? Will they remember that time out of grounding or taking something away in the long run? Or will spanking remind them? There is a lot to debate here about spanking. As i said before to each their own. We all have a reason why we do what we do.  

Now back to the getting hurt topic. When you tell kids “Don’t run!”, they run. You say, “Don’t eat with your elbows on the table” they eat with their elbows on the table. Is it some type of conspiracy these kids are trying to end the adult world by driving us crazy? Well in my house its WORKING!

So with that said I am getting off here and putting some kids in their rooms for a needed time out. Blog you later
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