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August 31, 2010

Topic: My Kids Rooms

Topic today is about my children’s rooms.

We have four bedrooms.  One for the Boys, where they all four sleep.  Another one for my oldest daughter.  In addition, another for my youngest daughter.

The summer before last, we spent a lot of time repainting all three of the rooms.  This took a painstaking hours and hours to do.  Since the wall is Wood, paneling and you have all those small deep lines you have to get into.  I think we had to paint it two or 3 times so, the wood dark part of the wall would not show thru.  It was a little easier with my son’s room since their room was a darker blue color.
Myana-13 Room Pic #1

Myana-13 Room Pick #2

Here is my oldest room.  This is the first room we started working on.  In the process, we replaced her carpet.  (I do not know why we picked a light color carpet but that is all we had at the time that we were given by my mom so it is better than a particle wood floor.  Therefore, Hubby replaced the carpet and my mom and I went out hunting for a desk and a dresser at the Goodwill.  We found a good deal.
The next one is my youngest daughters.  Her room is the smallest room in the house.  I formally was an Office but turn into a room.  She loves her room even thou its very small.  The back area is open but we turned it into closet by putting a curtain rod as her hanger thingy.  To hang her clothes on.  We later went to the Goodwill and bought her a desk and it is heavy!  Very Heavy!  She does not have a mirror/dresser so we bought her a mirror frame that looks like a window its pretty.  We also replaced her carpet too and bought some new Curtains & Rods. 

Jessica-12 Room
I only have one photo because I couldn't get a very good angle on her room. It would of just been the same type photo so I just took one.

The Boys room we did in a blue color.  This would be a big room but with 2 double bunk beds in there its sort of tight but not that tight since we fit a small desk and a TV stand w their TV in the room.  They have a dresser, which is in their closets.
Boys Room (Joshua-5 & Eli-7 Bed)

Sebastian-10 & Gabriel-9 Bed

The only thing I have to get now is Rods and fabric to cover their closets.  Then I think it would look better.
Therefore, that is pretty much it.

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