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February 5, 2010

Good Day So Far

Well today is going okay, Just Washing a load of Laundry. I do have a Lady coming to Visit me around 1pm so I will be getting ready for that.

Yesterday Jorge Got Summonsed for Jury Duty I still dont know how hes going to do it or IF hes going to be able to get out of it but I hope so because for now hes the only bread winner paying the Bills and all while I'm planning to go to school now all the kids are just about outta the house and I can GO Out into the real world also hes the only Tech at the Nursing Home so Im hoping he can get out of it soon.

I sure do hope he hurrys and gets his Taxes heheheh yea im doing major sweeting up..I just cant wait till I work so I can have MY OWN! LOL That would be nice. But anyway I need to go take a shower and things and get ready for this lady to come visit.

Check In with you later.

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