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February 4, 2010

Visit to the Mall & New Cell Phones For the Girls

Well today was a fun day, My Oldest ended up missing the bus this morning and since she was here I decided to just keep her home from school since she does well in school so one day wont hurt for her to stay home; so we packed up and I took her &  Joshua to the mall. We had a good time. I ended up buying  cell phones for my 13 & 12 yr old so that I can keep in touch with them when they go to their friends house instead of grounding them when they don't call or come home in time now we can call anytime.

I also was looking at some phones for me since they changed their policy about the upgrades since Ive been with T-mobile a year they are now allowing Upgrades Early so that's GOOD for me because Im am able to upgrade which I will be going back on the 22nd of February to upgrade my phone. Ive had a Sidekick 2008 for a year but since the screen broke so easily Ive been with  a Black Berry Pearl that a friend sold to me so I never did change the SK Plan to the BB Plan because I planned on buying another SK at tax time but then I heard that the new SK was crappy and the service got worse so I saw the Cliq by T-mobile its really nice its sorta of like a side kick but its also reminded me of a IPhone its all touch screen shot it beats paying full price for a new SK and it being crappy with the Upgrade for the cliq it will be 150.00 that's with taxes and fees so I WILL be getting that phone (Sweets up to Hubby *giggles) so Yea here is a photo of it its really nice.

But anyways we had a good time We stopped at Taco Bell at the mall and had lunch I snapped a photo of Josh eating his Taco LOL hes so cute.

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