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February 23, 2010

My Medical Issue Geez

Well Ive had such a Crappy week its almost crazy. Ended up in the ER with a Cellelitus Infection to my face due to a bad tooth was there again last night because the infection spread to my eye and lymphnoid did they  help me? HECK NO just gave me stronger antibiotics thou and did give me a shot which my swelling went down ALOT! so I could eat finally well guess they did help alittle.

Been having problems with my stupid insurance company Gettin my Meds at the pharmacy who Walgreens have been working so very hard on getting me my meds theyve been a great help, it took them alittle longer to solve it but they called me to tell me they are still working on it which was very nice and respectful of the company even thou nothings being done just yet because the Insurance company system went down but I thought it was very nice they called.

Ive been calling around for Oral surgions to have my tooth pulled but NO LUCK! I called my past Oral Surgeon I had 10 yrs ago and paid 100.00 for it PFFT that isnt going to happen anytime soon they want 500.00 now ARE YOU SEROUS! whats has changed? I mean equipment are move evolved and suppose to make things easier to do things on people BUT THIS ARE MORE exspensive GEEEZ MANEEZ Drives me Bonkers.

Now I have to find a surgeon who takes my insurance but thats not going anywhere did call one he wont be back till March 5th umm ok wont help me there eather so Im screwed probably die for the infection to my brain before I find one with the rate im GOING! this is CRAZY! Now adays everything takes a buck for even your life if you dont got it them you  better make sure you got a will ready cause your less likely to get the help when you  need it. Plus then you got the system that is suppose to be there to help you, THEN you can even get ahold of them when you  need information or even talk to your caseworker or find out information it literally says "All assistants are busy now please call back later" (CLICK) ALL day long its like that. Or if you get luckey and you get to be put on hold i dont know whats worse.. Put on hold for 2 hours and then You get hung up on OR Being on Hold for 2 hours straight SOMEONES really got to do something. SO many people out there need jobs why cant we get those people working and taking phone calls WHATS SO HARD! SHOT ID DO IT IN A HEARTBEAT So thousands of people who need help on their Case GET IT and doesnt have to be shoved to the CORNER. Ive read so many people died because of Medicaids/Medicairs Neglect its so Terrible ! so Yea thats been my Weekend. So I hope things get settled before my swelling returns and Get this dumb tooth OUT!

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