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February 23, 2010

The School Issue!

Well today I was trying to fix my Voice mail that I have with Verizon since we know got a new home phone I couldn't get into the voice mail because of a stupid pass code you gotta put in. I went to the website to figure out how to fix it. Well I had to call the stupid company to get the Pass code and I was lucky they helped me because it wasn't in my name but Jorge's. But they did and I got it. 

So I called my Home number and I had 18 messages (holy smokes) so after sitting there for like ever it seemed  i got thru to message number 9 and a lady with a Spanish new york accent saying "JESSICA! (my daughters name) If you do not have a adult call me from that Home I will Be calling the Police, If they do not call me by 93o TODAY I will be calling and reporting them "(For what I have no idea) and then she said "Oh and I CAN Get Your Address" and she hung up.(well goodie she can get my addy any smart teacher can DUH! I hope so she can go right ahead! Okay Ummm I still DON'T know who this lady was. Didn't leave her name, Im thinking shes from the school. So I called the school and no one knows anything about it.I talked to her teacher and I couldn't find anyone who knew.

I had my friend who knows a lady who works at the school and her (my best friends) husband works at the school board also to call and explain what happen (Which Ive called the school myself and tried to do the same with NOTHING Out of it) So My Best Friend calls and explains my situation. But still doesn't know who it was. (and who ever did call BETTER BE lucky I havent found out YET who she is because I will MOST DEFINALLY REPORT HER FOR Threatening me! No One is ALLOWED to talk to ANYONE like that EVER! Like my mom said dont take NO crap from NO ONE!

anyways, I talked to Jessica Teacher about a Issue with Jessica and She said she knew I had a lot on my plate and all and she let me know she did get my message about my email address (because I do have prepaid flex pay on my cell and sometimes doesnt switch over till after the service date I know pain and I do miss calls alot wont get voice mail until after ANYWAY) I gave her my email addy to email; ANY TIME~ so no excuse why they cant get a hold of me because I dont like that feeling of them thinking I dont care about my children if they EVEN think that But I just dont like that feeling. I just cant remember everything at once especially with  my health issues and meds sucking up some memory cells I got. I have 6 kids and house and man and Health to take care of Cant remember every freakin thing in the world People DO MAKE MISTAKES But if she would email ill GET IT! Geez So yea another DRAMA Ive been dealing with today.

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