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February 2, 2010

New Year 2010

Wow its been so Long since I actually wrote a journal here so I decided to restart it because since I stopped I just had no way to express myself and let things out instead just kept them inside which is not a very good thing to do I know.

Well alot has gone on and I wont go into to much detail for 2009 but this is 2010 and A New Year and I wanted to start it right.

Well, The Kids are growing up since the last time I wrote something here. Myana is now in Junior High shes 13 yrs old and Gosh Now I believe what other people say about teenagers they are very hard But shes doing really good. She enjoys her classes she has 8 of them I just signed her up for her schools Art Club so shes enjoying that she loves to draw and loves computers shes a pretty good typer too for her age.

Jessica is still a Diva but can be a smart mouth at times but shes very independant then id like her to be but shes doing good just wish she was doing better in school instead of jabber jabber all the time but eh you know how Jessica is.

Sebastian,Gabriel,Eli & Joshua are doing great just growing up to fast for me Lol.

Well I know in the past Ive told you about my health issue and things I was in and out of the hospital in 2009 because of my heart, they found another tumor on the last Ovarie I have left and also I was in and out of the hospital with Pneumonia. I also have a Ulcer and Gastritis due to the meds they gave me in the past when I had so much pain for the last surgery I had for the tumor.

So other then that things have been okay just trying to stay positive and like my friends say "keep your chin up"
Ok gotta go now write later.

Myana Just called me from school, She spilled milk on her pants I feel bad because without a Car I cant go all the way there to give her a new pair and here my mom has a appointment in Brandon so I hope the school can at least let her borrow a pair schools have to have a extra pair of cloths somehow geez.

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