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February 5, 2010

Joshua's New Shoes he HAD to Have

I decided to Take Josh to the store to buy him a new pair of shoes since all the handed down shoes from the boys where worn out and to raggedy to give to Joshua I ended up throwing those away and opting to buy him a new pair for going out only shoes..

So I took Josh to the Store and We where looking at some shoes, I didn't want to spend that much on shoes because soon he will grow out of them in no time and I have no other boy to hand down out grown shoes so I wanted to just get a cheap nice pair that he will wear a few times. Well As I was looking Joshua kept going to this one pair of shoes by Starter and they where fully white with a black spider on it and had black shoe laces. I was trying to talk him out of the shoes but he insisted he wanted it (not sure if it was because it was white or because of the huge spider on it) Which Btw I HATE spiders. So I tried to get him to maybe pick the black ones that way it wont get dirty so fast or whatever but he insisted he wanted the white ones. So I said Fine. It was 13.00 dollars which isn't to bad so I hope it lasts him, I just worry about them getting scuffed up because you know how Boys are. So Yea I took a few pictures of his shoes to show you. The Spider is So Freaky LOL

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