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September 4, 2010

Topic Challenge Favorite Tv Program

Today I have been on a total writer’s blockage.  (Don't you hate those times).  It seems to me happing a lot to me lately for some reason.  However, thank goodness for Topic Challenges least I know what I can write about on my personal blog.  Nevertheless, my spiritual blog. That is where I’m having the really big blockage and it’s totally driving me crazy because there’s so many people that are requesting my help and I’m unable to help them because I am unable to help myself get out of this spiritual rut. Therefore, I hope things will come too soon and I figure out what to write about.

However, I do know what I need to write about right now and that is today’s topic challenge.  Today’s Challenge theme is “My Favorite TV Program.”  I honestly do not watch that much TV because so many things are just not my cup of tea anymore.  So many things are just unnecessary these days. (Even for kids) like Degrassi (kids cutting themselves, Kids getting pregnant) and the show act as if it is okay and it is normal.  Anyway, you get what I am saying.  Then you have some of these ghost hunters provoking spirits just for a show (NOT GOOD).
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So OK you didn’t actually come here to read me ramble on about what I don’t like, so On to a TV show I DO like….First off I like Ghost Whisper, MediumGeorge Lopez (He’s majorly Funny).  Other than that, I do not watch much else.  I mostly enjoy reading, writing, or computer.  However, I do watch many movies but TV not a whole lot.
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Susie B. Homemaker said...

I hate having writer's block. :p I've never really watched Medium, and seen Ghost Whisperer a few times. George Lopez is funny tho'- usually catch him on late at night for a good laugh before bed. :D

Me said...

Ghost Whisper and Medium are both great shows.

FeliciaE said...

I am addidcted to Ghost Whisperer. Never got into Medium to much though. I agree there are just so many shows on now that just aren't worth the time.