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September 4, 2010

Topic Challenge Favorite Book

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As far as books are concerned, I am still on the process of reading two big books.  One being the Twilight trilogy “Eclipse” & Eragon. Yes I love books that deal with Vampires, Dragons, magic and Shadow Blades.  

I am also working on two of my own books so in-between times I enjoy reading fantasy books the most.  Not really into other type books, unless its spiritual help books (Mediation, Reiki & Etc.).  THEREFORE, I cannot really say I have a Favorite Book just yet.  But just favorite type of books
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JamiesCrazyCraftyLife said...

Those are both great books. Have you read Eldest yet?

Heather"Gypsy" said...

No I havent read that one yet. I do have another book similar to the Dragon one (Posted) its the brown cover but I had a hard time trying to find a image of it. I have that one to read next. Ill look on amazon and see about the book you mentioned..The Title is "Eldest"??