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February 26, 2008

Journal-Febuary 26 2008

Well Today Jessica stayed home shes doing alittle better today then she was yesterday with a 102.9 temp its funny that whenever my kids leave my home and go to school or what not they get sick but most of the time they are hardly ever sick..Odd sometimes but I guess its being around so many other Children.

Im not feeling so hot today sorta in between Blah and okay. Im in some pain this morning so I had to take my Meds again. I really should take my heart meds but I dunno I want to wait till after the surgery is over and I wont have to take anymore more Meds for that I just don't feel conferable taking them now. I know I should I have to go back and see my Cardiologist in March so He will ask me I know.I just want to get this over with. Still haven't heard from Dr. Roberts office, My Mom has been doing all the calling and Yelling Cause im just to week to deal with anything now.

My Husband isn't making things easier on me I know he has his worries but hes not being sensitive at all about what im going thru and I know he ahs alot of worries but I dunno.

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