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March 3, 2008

Journal-March 3rd

Hey all Update
Well My Mom took me to Tampa Friday and I met my New Doctor
at Moffitt Cancer Center..Hes a really nice Doctor
and everyone one of the staff where sooo Nice.

Well they examined me and Dr. Roberts said that the Tumor has Over Doubled in size which is about 14cm as big as a Canalope size..and says that its up high and is entangled in my intestines so I will most definally need bowel surgery. He said that Hes gonna cut me long ways up by my Belly Button all the way down..he said that he will see if he can get the tumor out without cutting into my bowels but if not he will have to cut some of my intestines away to get to it..and i might have to wear a bag on the side after surgery until my bowels can heal...Then he said he would take some samples of my Lymphnoids and see if there is any cancer in then but if none are then I wont have to have Chemo but if there is cancer i will have to have chemo..he said that if the Tumor is the only thing that has cancer in it then he will remove it and my Right Overie as well..Also he will be taking out my uterus I dont need it anyway..but i asked him to at least save one of my overies so i can have my natural hormones..So we will see...He said my surgery will take about a hour to 3 hours depending on what they find..I will be in the hospital for 3 days and I will be gettin automatic Pain Meds the first day and then i will get a really cool thing they are doing now its a tube that in the side of the inscesion and has a little small bag at the end and it will numb the incesion area so i wont feel the pain..Doc. Says that Patients Really Love that so I hope i do too..beats being knocked up on Pain meds all day.....he said it would take me 8 weeks to heal completely sooooooo thats not to bad..I'm just glad to finally have a good doctor and get this crap over with...I see the anesthesiologist on the 14th of March then my Surgery is set for March 24th. So There we have it the Official Date NO IFS ANDS OR BUTS! tha is it...

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