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February 25, 2008

Journal-Febuary 25

Well Today Im Mostly Waiting to hear from Moffitt Cancer Centerto find out when I can see Dr. Roberts..My mom called last Friday and they said that he got all my records and my Authorization for my surgery sooooo Just waiting...I hate to go 3 hours to tampa but hey you know if hes gonna do it Why not..I'm just tired of being sick its not fun at all..and these meds are killing me emotionally and physically I just want this over with.

and also Thru these times Ive been going thru I have found out who my real friends are..Those who I thought where friends where never really my friends..its ashame cause well Never mind im not gonna get into it..but anyway Live Laugh and Love thats 3 things Imma try to do more of

Well Just got a call From the School Jessica is sick with a 102.9 Temp. So I should be on later once i get her home and comfortable

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