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September 6, 2010

My Card Reading for Today

2010/09/06Image by 壞天使 via FlickrI have been sort of out of it the last few weeks trying to get back into my card readings. But I haven't really had the inspiration or anything to do one. Its just been on major spiritual blockage. So I decided to use one of my new deck of Tarot Cards so here is today's reading.
So I went ahead and did a Tarot Layout called the "Gypsy Magic Spell" which I don't know why its called that since it doesn't really have anything to do with spells/magic so I dunno who knows. Anyway Here is my results...

This is I...
This card is showing that I have Courage & will power

This is my Defense. 
This card shows that my defense is my Boldness, creativity, Inspiration, Strength and outgoingness is my strongest defense.

This is what I am afraid of? 
This card shows me that my fear of being alienated from my own passions, and desires.  Not being able to fulfill what I want to do and what I desire to accomplish. 

This is what drives me? 
This card shows me that my Strength & Courage keeps me going and helps me to overcome any obstacle that I face.
This is what I am left with?
After this, I am left with more Appreciation, more Peace, and Harmony in Life.

This is what the future will bring? 
If I follow what is good for me and make the right decisions in my life right now, I will have more Joy, Peace, within my Family & Love of those around me.

This is what brings me back to the ground?  H
This card shows that this could bring me down again....Poor progress in something I want to do , anxiety, impatience.
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