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August 2, 2010

Scrapping Scrapping scrapping thats about it

WOW I have been so busy trying to fix a few things on my scrapbook blog and packaging some of my old Digi Scrap Creations and getting them uploaded and on the blog. Some are eh okay while others I think are cute but Boy its a lot of work.
But I love it!!

SO lets see the Weekend went by really quick I can't believe it! I hope this whole week hurry by I love the weekends lol.

I'm still waiting for my cell phone replacement this is my 4th time sending it back and I never had it take this long for some reason I really MISS MY CELL!

Schools starting in the next few weeks and *sigh* Even thou I am HAPPY the kids are going back to school I just dread the hustle and bustle of getting them prepared for school (Cloths,socks,school supplies, finding out who their teachers are etc) Wish things were made easy..WISH that little ol red "Easy" button was real lol

SO well anyway not much going on today still working on my blog before hubby gets home from work, so Off I go, check back in later...tata

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