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August 27, 2010

My Morning Routines

Putting toothpaste on a toothbrush. The toothp...Image via WikipediaI try to wake up 15 minutes before the Kids have to wake up, So I wake up at 5:45 am, Do what I have to do (bathroom etc etc) then at six am I try to wake Jessica=12 to get up and take a shower, lately the boys have been the first ones awake in the morning, Sometimes even before 5:45 am. So whoever is awake first gets in the shower.
The my older daughter is showering and out my other 4 boys get in and shower themselves. Then I prepare their tooth brushes w tooth paste have it all laid  out. when they get out of the shower, I have them dry off, and put their undies on, then straight to brush their teeth ( I hate to have them dressed and then they get toothpaste all over their school cloths) so i have them do it in their undies. So they brush their teeth, Give them each mouth wash to whoosh in their mouth. Then Its time to dress. By then my youngest daughter is doing her own hair and already dressed shes pretty independent when getting ready. So I help the boys dress with their belt makes sure their shirts are tucked in. I help Joshua, with his dressing and socks & he puts his own shoes on and I tie them.
Then I do their hair. They can usually lounge around until AM watch TV or whatever.

At that Time, I put all their agendas/Folders/Paperwork that is in the shelf (same place I put their school cloths for that morning-Usually they are underneath them) I go to put the folders/agendas/Papers in their book bags and put them on the kids and scoot them out the door for school. They eat breakfast at school so that helps eliminate some time for me. and then from there I take care of the animals and do Daily and weekly/Monthly Chores

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