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August 27, 2010

Home School or Part Time Home Schooling on my Mind

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Last night, I have been looking into additional subjects for my children. Not actually a home school type subjects but I guess its similar. I do not necessarily want to home school them  because I enjoy them going to school because I would like for them to be around that type of environment. But I feel like we as parents should be a little more involved in learning. I mean my kids do get homework, but some homework well is not really that good (well for me it's not ) I would enjoy doing more hands on learning with them. We do their spelling words etc etc but I mean more. Additional Subjects.

So I signed my four boys up for this free curriculum that I can do with them, I think that additional learning will possibly help them in their already studies subjects. Now they have this Online Public School Program where its support by the Public school, same curriculum as the schools and they send you all coarse material and you have an one on one with teachers either by phone or online, all certified through the state of Florida. But for my K-5th graders would have to go full time which means be home school I do not want to do that. So I just signed my K-3 for some additional free curriculum which is through  Headoftheclass.com So I will be doing that with my K-3 they do not have anything more then that for 4-5.
NOW for my oldest daughter, through the Public School Program they have a part time program that is free, that she can do along with going to school, its for Middle School and High School Students. She has extra curriculum she can learn Spanish/Chinese/Psychology etc. and its free, I am  thinking about doing that with her. She wants to be fully home schooled but I know my mother will not sit well with that. She will basically thinking have a fit. I know she doesn't run my life, but to me her opinion does count and i respect that. 

 I do not think going to Public school is bad. I mean, they socialize and they learn. If a parent is on top of what their child is doing they will be okay. You cant be to strict or To soft on the kids these days. Sometimes they think they are adults, but other times they are still just children and need guidance. So Do not try to be too much of a parent be sure to be their friend. For kids do not tell parents anything if they just see them as just parents, Be their friend also..they will come to you and tell you anything..just do not over react. Show concern and care. They will appreciate that more and you have to know more of what they are doing they wont be likely to hide things from you. 
Always!! Always monitor them online. Never let the kids go without knowing what going on. Make a deal that if they want email you  must know their user name and password this goes for FB and Myspace. If you have FB or Myspace add them you can monitor them by not really being nosey but just being there. We all can read our friends wall at anytime and see who their friends are.Enhanced by Zemanta

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