Wishing you and you Family Happiness

February 22, 2008

Journal-Febuary 20-21

Hi All wanted to check in..Ive been real busy setting up my FTPS and getting organized and all with the Other Stores. Also bare with me im very loopy right now ive been trying to hold off all week from my pain killers but today it jus got unbareable for me so I had to take one so if My words dont make sense excuse me lol

anyway Ive been working on so much last two days and learning zencart and all I did get one product up lol Shewww I was glad i did it right too. But anyways I will get betting a freebie out soon so look for that..

Not much else doing the same thing i did the last two days so Dont forget to check my Products in the stores
seee you laterrr
Heather Jorge