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February 19, 2008

JOURNAL-Febuary 19

Update Update BOY What HAS Not been going on wow theres alot to talk about

Lets see Last Thurs and Friday I went to the Hospital with Chest pains and They hooked me up to all these machines and saw that I was not gettin enough oxygen even with the Oxygen Mask and they where worried that I had a Blood Clot in my Lungs so they sent me into for Nuclear Testing where they Make you inhale Radiation low amounts and he said it wouldnt hurt or anything and BOY I wanted to slap him cuase It burned my Lungs sorta like smoking a cigarrette eeek wasnt a pretty feeling..I had to do that for 10 mins with this mask so they took pictures under the machine while i inhaled the radiation then they put radiation in my IV which took about 20 mins under that thing switching sides to take pictures of my lungs to see how the radiation went thru my Veins. But I was so glad it was over I was ready to go home I was all bruised up from IV and Needle Pokes tht the ladie tried 7 times toget a IV in and Blown one Vain and Its bruised Real Bad. The Doctor said I was okay to go home but I needed to find a New Cancer Surgeon that would take me.

My Mom was so upset she called the Former Cancer Doctor and told her off and why she waited 3 days before My Surgery that i was suppose to have on the 18 to tell me this and told me to find a new Doctor and told her we will most definally be Reporting her and pressing charges if we can. So My Mom found another Doctor who said he would take me and that turned out to be a NO GO cause he said he doesnt take Medicaid *sigh so now im at Square one again I went to the Doctors office today to tell them whats going on cause i called them like all day and no answer so i went up there myself but she said she that she would have to find another Doctor so Hopefully tomarrow if they dont My Mom will take me to Tampa that is like 3 hours away and make a doctor take me up there lmaoo

So Yea alots been going on and all this other drama i dont need which I have been trying to avoid but seems to like to pop up from time to time but I Just move on I have the Most WONDERFUL Friends Guys OMG you have no idea they have helped me thru everything all these years and when ever i feel down they always know how to build me back up I love you Guys.

Anyway One of my Friends Hooked me up with all these Scrap stores she is such a sweetie and Believed in me SO much she did that she knew i was to chicken and hahahah shes right Thanks Girl I really Appreciate it!! But anyways I got set up already signed contracts for 2 stores 1 Im already set up Really Nice Ladies Im looking foward to getting to know them more some I already know Eather by my past groups I was in. and others. So Im OVERLEY Excited!!!

My Bestest Friends On the Net are my Creative Team Members and Smitten is my Advertisment Queen also shes such a sweetie..so Im so excited .

Todays My SOns Birthday he is 7 yrs old Today So He just went out with my Mom for dinner and a cake He got a Bike for his Birthday and some other toys hes so Happy

Well I got ALOT to do and Hope you check back Often
Thanks for Reading