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January 15, 2008

What is Gnostism?

Gnosticism teaches that we are eternal souls and that the Other Side is our true Home and reality.. We incarnate (on Earth, which is are only Hell due to it's negativity and suffering) in order to learn and advance spiritually.. We learn more from the tough times than from the good times.. like the saying goes, "Learn from your mistakes"

So.. We create a chart and choose our spirit guide, before incarnation, which is when we really only have free-will, after incarnation, we think we have free will but we're really sub-consciously following our chart.. The chart holds the major points in our lives, chosen by us, depending on the lessons we want to learn, such as number of marriages, divorce, number of children and so on.. these are all learning experiences and nothing to do with failure.. It was all pre-ordained by us, with the approval of God and the Elders..

We can divert from our chart from time to time, however, we usually get back on track before our journey ends, with the help and guidance of our Spirit Guides, Angels and loved ones that have crossed over.. When we have completed our journey.. We simply "Go Home"

There is truly no such a thing as "sin" as understood and explained by the church. In fact.. Sin is Aramaic, Jesus' language, for "Missing the target" as in shooting a bow and arrow.. "Aramaic" is the language we still speak on the Other Side.. our universal language.

Earth is our only Hell and School of Hard Knox...

Dark Souls exist but no being named Satan.. (Except my husband's ex-wife) but that's a different story all together.. Lucifer was sent by God to watch over the Dark Souls until the day they decide to return to God, which can only happen after death, then Lucifer, angels and guides, try to guide them back to God.. but.. it's the soul's decision what path he or she wants to take.. Lucifer was simply given a bad wrap by the church but he's a good angel and his name stands for "Light Holder or Bringer"

God is ALL LOVING.. not condemning, egotistical or any other imperfect attribute, this is the church giving Him/Her "human emotions." God understands that we have to make mistakes in order to learn from them.. so forgiveness is really automatic and truly unnecessary.. He/She knows if we are truly sorry and have learned from it, which is the ultimate goal..

Religions and the different Spiritual Beliefs are simply God's different methods of teaching us along the way because of the different personalities in all of us.. Some people simply have to believe in sin, a vengeful God and Hell, a Satan, etc.. So it doesn't hurt them to, if it keeps them on their path.. But we believe that White Souls don't really need to believe in such things because we would not be capable of purposely causing true attrocities anyway.. In other words, I would not think of going up to a person and stealing from them or murdering, just for gain or enjoyment.. Only a Dark Soul would, and no amount of "Fear of God" would stop them, but that's the churches' ways of keeping their followers in attendance, since only the church can "help" them get to heaven. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a form of mind control.

The bottom line is that regardless of what you believe in, once your journey is complete, you will return "Home"

There is Karma and Karmic Debt.. Someone who murders for gain, will be murdered in this life or the next.. Dark souls don't have spirit guides, angels or charts.. upon death, if they choose to continue down their path... they are simply thrown back into incarnatio. So, in a sense, they do return to Hell... but only until they choose to return to God.. Therefore, Hell doesn't have to be permanent..

We believe in the "Duality" of Mother and Father God..Mother Azna is the Emotional part of God, while Father Om is the Intellect. (See that post for more explanation of Mother Azna)

Hope this explains Gnosticism a little and makes sense to all of you...

by GoBryan