Wishing you and you Family Happiness

January 15, 2008

Journal-My Monday

Well After the Morning Vent, Didn't do much really but work on my blog and read some emails and talked to My friends. Then took a nap cause my pain meds kicked in. I'm going to be so glad when i don't have to take those things anymore they are just making me groggier and groggier. I haven't heard from the Doctor today So I hope I will soon. The Doctor Told me My Surgery would probably be around January 28th or Beginning of February so we will see. Guess they are having problems getting the confirmation papers from my Cardio doctor and primary. *sigh its all a waiting game. My tumor is already 11 cm so what they are gonna wait till its 20cm before they do anything. Its already giving me problems. Last night i couldn't sleep my leg was hurting so bad but yet it was numb weird. Last 3 days my back has been KILLING ME i don't know why. *sigh I cannot wait to have this surgery so I can get on with my life.

I want to start working again, I was planning on working at the Hospital at night but Im not to sure yet. I hope I can do something at the hospital afterwards but we will see. Im still going to apply for the Lab Service Rep at my local Hospital its a Part time job but I am thinking I should get a full time 12 hour shift but the bad part about that is that Hospital is pretty far. So I dont know what Ill do just yet, It sure would be nice to have some extra money coming into the house.

*sigh ahhh well thats been my day ..I did fall asleep around 7 pm with the kids, and woke up at 11 pm went to walmart to get some groceries and then came back home...I'm hoping i can go back to sleep but we will see.