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September 6, 2010

CHAOS On Labor Day...

As if today can get any, worse…yes I said worse…what is worse?  My Kids not being in school and my quiet time during the week has been lost in the midst of loud noises of boy’s rowdiness.  (The Love of motherhood).  Despite wanting to pull my hair out at this point, do to boys jumping around, screaming and playing Army soldiers.  I am finding my solitude in my blog.  Yes, I love blogging it is the only piece of mind I can get and actually, the ONLY thing I can seem to talk to at this point.  The only thing close to a human.  (Wait brb Joshua is fussing)….geez Gabriel is tormenting poor Joshua.  Why do brothers just love to tease their little brothers for entertainment purposes?  I have no idea.  See I am an only child and it is so hard for me to understand why siblings do what they do.

Anyway, yes today is Labor Day.  Not a Fun day for me at all...  (Wait Sebastian is calling brb).  This never ends anyway, I was trying to decide what the children and I were going to do today, but it looks like it is going to rain so no a lot of outside activities today.  I was actually unprepared for this school holiday.
 I actually remembered they did not have school today after waking up at five and turning off my alarm clock.  Talk about Bummed.  I did not even get to sleep in after I turned the alarm off.  Four of the six children where awake and I mean fully awake and I had to drag my poor sleepy butt outta bed and attend to them all morning just to energize them with breakfast and lunch.  Fun Fun.
Don’t you just wish there was like this off switch you can just turn kids off.  Or better yet a program where you can program them to be such sweet children who do not yell, argue and sit there and be nice to each other?  Oh yea well outta my dream world Heather.  So yea, that has been my day.  Wild, Bored children with no life but to drive their mother crazy.  Fun Fun.  Next time I need to be more prepared for the No School Days home alone with the kids. Ok things are quiet now so I will go see what they are into.
Blog You later…

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Susie B. Homemaker said...

Oh man, I hate waking up early when I don't have to. Kids always seem to do the opposite of what you want them to. haha :D